5 Designers To Watch Out For At The MEGA Fashion Week

This October, MEGA magazine reverts back to its main DNA: championing the best in Filipino designers. To continue its 25th year celebration, MEGA partners with a few of the country’s top designers, who have won us–even the global audience–over for the past years. These movers and shakers have been filling up the pages of MEGA, and it’s about time that we go beyond that–bringing together the best in fashion in one sartorial week. 

See all the designers who will present their spring/summer 2018 collections in the first MEGA fashion week!

 Rajo Laurel 

“The former MEGA YDC finalist and one time MEGA illustrator is one of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry today—successfully transitioning from a designer to a brand as well. Truly the visionary, Rajo Laurel has mastered the delicate art of balancing both artistic and commercial success, making him one of the sought after and in-demand designers here and abroad.” – Peewee Reyes-Isidro, MEGA’s Editor-In-Chief

John Herrera 

“John Herrera’s creations have always been present in the pages of MEGA. His avant-garde aesthetic melds well with his talent for construction and form. Together with Epson, John Herrera has brought the game to a whole new level with intricately printed fabrics in his ‘Armada’ collection.” – Jeb Fronda, MEGA’s Fashion Editor 

Puey Quiñones

“Puey Quiñones has always been close to the MEGA family—from his opening up to MEGA’s very own Sari Yap to being a mentor on the MEGA Young Designers All Stars competition. Known for creating wearable art and statement pieces that reflect his monastic-meets-magnificence aesthetic, Puey powered through troubled waters and is currently making his mark in Los Angeles where he is based.” – RJ Roque, MEGAstyle’s Fashion Editor 

Francis Libiran 

“Tyra Banks told me during our New York cover shoot, “What I love about the Filipino designers is it reminds me of when I was a model in Paris and used to do couture. When I wear Filipino designers [like Francis Libiran], I feel like I am wearing a one of a kind piece, like artwork of artisans of Europe.” – Suki Salvador, MEGA’s Creative Director 

Mark Bumgarner

“There came a time when wearing ball gowns and cocktail dresses felt outdated in the Philippines, but not until young designer and MEGA Global Pinoy Awardee, Mark Bumgarner, realized the essence of his designs. He made clothes that are dreamy but archetypal of what the modern woman is all about. It’s no wonder his creations reached across international borders – its modern feminine and timeless appeal flawlessly strike every woman’s core. We have to thank Bumgarner for making people dream of wearing beautiful creations and for making us long for more. Hope is alive that Philippine Fashion will be known for its real worth: WORLD CLASS!” – Rain P. Dagala, Digital Editorial Director 

MEGA Fashion Week kicks off on Monday, October 23 at The Penthouse Twenty-Four Seven. Follow us for LIVE UPDATES! 

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