Manila Fashion Festival 2017: Cheetah Rivera

After her sassy line of ruffled hems, floral accents and polka-dots last season, Cheetah Rivera goes minimal this summer. Dedicating her collection called “Mua Ai” (“A Mother’s Love” in Mandarin) to her mother, she went for simple but dynamic pieces with clean lines and silhouettes–only proving that a minimalist style doesn’t mean boring.

“I think it’s time in my career to make a collection dedicated to my mother. So with the collection, I wanted it to just be beautiful like how every mom’s treat their children. I wanted to focus on clean lines, and I went for silhouettes that would highlight every woman’s form”, shares Cheetah. The mix of the classic white hue with unique shapes and pleating only proves that a simple look can be as exciting and exquisite, as seen on the expert eye of Cheetah Rivera.

Check out the entire collection below!