Exclusive: Francis Libiran’s 10 Style Commandments

Exclusive: Francis Libiran's 10 Style Commandments
Exclusive: Francis Libiran’s 10 Style Commandments

Take it from the man who has dressed the biggest celebrities, the chicest brides, beauty queens, and America’s Next Top Model shoots. Francis Libiran is a designer in the truest sense of the word–creating pieces that transcend body types, trends, and lifetimes. He has an eye for beauty, and he wants to see it reflected in the world around him.

Here, he gives his two (or seven) cents on how we should style ourselves.

1. Know yourself first.

“A lot of women make the mistake of copying from other women. They need to know their inner self first before dressing up. Let’s say for brides—they’re so lost in all the pegs they show me. They go to Pinterest wanting me to combine 5 dresses in one. I would set the pegs aside and ask, ‘what are you conscious of?’ Knowing your true self is very important–it’s the only way you can be different.

2. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

“For instance, it’s okay to be daring if it’s your personality. If it’s not, just stick to your own style.”

3. Consider your lifestyle.

“If you don’t have time to iron or to mix and match, go for a safe bottom (blacks and whites).

4. Mind the fit.

“Make sure that the fit is good.”

5. It’s in the way you carry yourself.

“I love Audrey Hepburn. She’s very simple. She could wear a T-shirt, but it’s just the way she carries it.”

6. Too much of anything is bad.

“I don’t like tattered jeans. There’s a limit to it. Sometimes it goes up to here and looks slutty.”

 7. Invest in a timeless piece.

Everybody should have a classic black dress.

8. Get inspiration from within yourself.

“I would check in a hotel, lock myself inside the room, put my things aside, and let my mind flow. I try not to look at magazines. I have to have a nice view so I can stare at the sky.”

9. Don’t be afraid to love something new.

“Right now I’m into ball skirts. I like the volume.”

10. Bend the rules, but keep it classic.

“I’ve always loved Michael Cinco. I’ve been telling him that from the very start. It’s the way he thinks—it’s still classic but there’s something different. It’s not too over the top, but it will last you for a very long time. When Michael designs a wedding gown, you appreciate it for the next 50 years.”