The Trailer For Marco Gallo’s #MakingMEGA Adventure Is Here!

In the fair vistas of Italy, Marco Gallo sets out on an Italian adventure, looking like an absolute worldly gentleman as he walked down the stone walls and brick structures of Arena di Verona and Castelvecchio Bridge. One can outrightly sense Gallo’s strong character just by how he presents himself and how he speaks—possessing quite the wise words for someone who is only 17. “Ang motto ko in life is carpe diem, to seize the moment. You know when kukunin ka na ni Lord, so hindi ko masyado iniisip ang bukas.” A story gleams on his face and his gestures—there’s truly no doubt that this young star has come a long way, but still has so much to offer.

See Marco Gallo traverse the artful expanses of Verona and Lombardy for the much-awaited #MakingMEGAinItaly

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