MEGA Man 2018 Holiday Gift Guide To Chunky Sneakers

Macky Arquilla
Junior Art Director

Once frowned upon, the rise and dominance of streetwear has catapulted brands like Supreme, Off-White, Givenchy, and Balenciaga as the most sought-after brands in the market. Over the years we’ve seen the surge of the “ugly aesthetic”. Breaking all norms, this type of aesthetic may seem superficial for many but it’s deeper than it seems. This is a revolution—to bend the standards of what really is “beautiful”. We’ve basically seen everything high fashion streetwear can offer, but at the helm of it all is, you’ve guessed it, chunky sneakers—pairs a lot more comfortable than people actually think.

Keep it casual or add a touch of street style on your usual suit and tie. Go plain white to take the multicolor route. Keep it simple or go with embellished pieces. There’s really no limits to when and where you can wear a pair. But a little warning, once you go chunky, it’s going to be really hard going back. 

MICHAEL KORS Extreme Speed. 2 LUSH Dirty body Spray (P795). 3 Long-sleeved button-down shirt (P18000) by MSGM at DISTINQT. NINTENDO Switch (P17000) at DATABLITZ. 5 Patched jeans (P3400) by TOPMAN. 6 Medicom Bearbrick Sesame Street Elmo (P6490) by [email protected] at AKIMBO. Kingston platform derbie (P19800) by EYTYS at HOODWINK. Jaw neoprene suede leather and mesh sneakers (P43,200) by GIVENCHY

Photography by Jerick Sanchez of New Monarq Creativx
Clothing credits: White button-down shirt by BERSHKA, black turtleneck by BERSHKA and Torsion Dimension Lo by ADIDAS at SOLE ACADEMY

Videography and editing by Ian Francisco of New Monarq Creativx