5 Must-Haves To Ace The Street Style Look According To Careless Music Manila

Street-ready ensembles are the most sought-after look for the majority of millennials today. From the chunky sneaker trend, the powerful comeback of fanny packs, to the downsizing of bags, there are a lot of options to choose from in order to achieve the look. But come to think of it, what truly makes the perfect street style look? As Careless Music Manila has been well known for their street style, we asked the men of the group their secret to ace the street style look. Here are their five must-haves to ace it.

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Men’s sneaker culture has always been a thing. As it has been going on for years now, more and more design innovations are being presented to the industry. Hence, the chunky sneakers. But if there’s really a fashion staple that has enjoyed a notably long run (and won’t be going away anytime soon), it’s going to be Vans’ sneakers. Perhaps this is why we’ve seen Massiah most of the time sporting for this classic sneaker—it’s really because of the versatility that allows you to elevate your look or keep it laid back.


As sweatpants have taken a decidedly fashionable turn from being seen as tacky, this notorious trend has now dominated the high-street labels. From H&M, Topman, to Uniqlo, jogger pants’ aesthetic has been taken to another degree. Channel the same level of confidence and nonchalance of Astro Kidd, and strut the streets of the metropolis making your own case on how to elevate the joggers.


Learn from the man who has been making his own fashion moments left and right (whether on the red carpet, concerts, or any ordinary day). According to the team, t-shirts are definitely a must-have. And they’re absolutely right because the best thing about a classic tee is that it allows you to be more playful upon styling yourself. However, if you really wanna play up your look, always make sure that you get the monochromes right first.

Belt Bag

When the belt bags re-emerged and we’ve seen several celebrities and influencers toting it, we’ve heard so many people disliking the new trend. But what they fail to know is the magic behind a fanny pack. In fact, even Bret Jackson didn’t know that he’d get into it until he tried using one. “I didn’t understand the sense of using it. I was like, ‘I’m not gonna be like everyone else.’ I’m never gonna do it. But [upon using one], it just carries everything,” he enthusiastically shared.

Chain Necklace

We’ve seen it all over our social media feed. This new mania of wearing chain necklaces (sometimes even stacking it all together) is indeed a trend that will stay with us. So amplify your look with a gold chain necklace and make a subtle eye-catching statement like how Curtismith does it.