An Education: A Lesson On Prep-Style Dressing Like A Pro From H&M

With school back in full swing, or you know, a swelling sense of yesteryear nostalgia, here is a collection that will best fit all your prep-school dress code needs—with just a lash of recklessness, of course.

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Whether you’re an actual collegiate student making sense of life with academics, socials and everything else in between (flails), or a full-fledged adult making sense of life with work, socials and everything else in between (grunt), the prep-style of dressing never really goes out of commission. In the school of life, it goes in and out of rotation, but at some point or another, you will want to bundle up in cozy knitwear, argyle patterns and uni-inspired details.

A study on the classics that will never go out of style, H&M Studio’s A/W ’18 collection pulls from polar opposites on the style spectrum and fuses it together, producing an offering that is both Ivy League- and big league-worthy. This season, the man is a stickler for the rigors of syllabus with just a hint of recklessness racing through the seams, with heritage and athleticism coming together in a series of contemporary and punk revisions. Think: collegiate staples such as pullovers with varsity logos, tartan trousers, crisp separates in earth-toned neutrals, among others.

“For this autumn collection, we wanted to combine the signature H&M Studio Men sportswear-oriented mentality with a traditional preppy aesthetic to offer a roster of authentic menswear classics, in premium fabrics, that will surprise our customer thanks to subtle, modern twists,” says Adam Gauffin, Concept Designer at H&M Studio Men.

The result is an elevated and refreshing take on preppy fashion that isn’t the least bit stuffy or dated. In fact, this release makes us miss the good ‘ol uni days (errr, kind of). Had this been available then, we would definitely insist on the school-stipulated dress code without complaints. Well, who says we can’t do so now? We’ll race you to it as it becomes available for purchase online on September 6.

What are you dilly-dallying for? Ding, ding, ding there goes the school bell.

Scroll through for our picks from the H&M Studio Men’s A/W ’18 collection:

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