No, Ansel Elgort Doesn’t Have An OnlyFans Account, But His Instagram Shocker Undressed A Worthy Cause

In a mischievous attempt to raise awareness for front liner relief efforts, Ansel Elgort blows off some steam in a nearly nude post that set social media on fire.

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In case you were asleep and missed it, Ansel Elgort shocked many social media timelines by posting a stirring image that left little to the imagination. The thumb-stopping still, shot by his father, photographer Arthur Elgort, reveals the Baby Driver actor by the outdoor shower with nothing but a gold chain necklace and his well-positioned hand covering himself for a modicum of propriety. Steamy as it may have appeared to be, the sepia-toned visual essay was a curious and candid slice of life in a time where even the most mundane becomes extraordinary.

But nothing is mundane for Ansel Elgort, nor was his latest online shenanigan completely out of character, because if you quickly wade through his made-for-Finsta Instagram, you will see that he often teases his followers with various states of undress. Clearly nonchalant about the medium of his body, his confidence pokes through, even bringing to the fore the necessary conversation of the sheer inanity of toxic masculinity. Whether it is a swipe of shimmery eyeshadow on the red carpet or a constant and consistent painting of his nails, which if you look closely at the post, you know, for academic purposes, was done in a dreamy selection of multiple colors.

Photo from @ansel on Instagram

This wasn’t your run-off-the-mill thirst trap that peppers an already saturated timeline with half-naked and suggestive posts, often with an accompanying thinly veiled double entendre. “OnlyFans LINK IN BIO,” he mischievously writes, tightening an already firm grip on our collective attention. On top of the already commanding photo, the playful jab at the racy offshoot site of OnlyFans, the risqué platform that functions as a pay wall for x-rated content and entertainment, is the final step of conviction that leads followers to the landing of the Instagram page, which in true Ansel Elgort pull-the-rug-from-underneath humor bares a GoFundMe link to a worthy and timely cause, a fundraiser called Brooklyn For Life! Amid the financial pressures, the New York-based initiative of relief and aid created by his The Goldfinch co-star, Jeffrey Wright, enables partner restaurants to provide and deliver meals to various hospitals, clinics, and front line fighters in the Brooklyn borough. “Get these healthcare workers and first responders some good local eats. Get some revenue flowing to local faves. Lift up community. It’s who we are,” details the page. Initially aiming to cover at least 75-100 meals per day, the undertaking has to this date, accounted for 200 deliveries on the first day and even going up to 2500 a day from the rotation of restaurants. As of this writing, Brooklyn For Life! has already pooled $209,841. Not too shabby, Mr. Elgort.

ansel elgort
Photo from @ansel on Instagram

While the NSFW post has since been deleted, the memory of this nearly nude fan service and act of charity will forever be burned in our minds and of course, the internet blessing of a cached version. But there is no sign of him slowing down the nude illusion reference, because in a hyper aware follow up post that ultimately illuminates a pervading culture, he writes: “sex sells better than sunsets, plz donate at link in bio.”

More than the physicality of the effort, Ansel Elgort has seemingly stripped down the scope of influence, especially at a most crucial time, perhaps even poking at those who claim to have the so-called influence they peddle for non-essentials to do something more for their communities and the front liners risking their lives on the daily. It is a stroke of brilliance, really, considering how for the most part, the isolated and quarantined population is chalking a rather ravenous libido because of an unforeseen dry spell in that department. And the best of it all, it was executed in equal parts of artistic and humor, a perfect summation and cross-section of Ansel Elgort if we may say so ourselves.

Take note, Instagram—this is a thirst trap done right.

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