The Apple Smart Watch Got A Luxurious Upgrade—And We Are Here For It

Despite having a firm foot at the future’s threshold, it sure looks like we aren’t quite down with time past just yet—not if Apple and Hermès has anything to do with it.

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In a world that is slowly giving in to the decisive erosion of the analog world (and all its mighty strongholds) in alarming exponential increments for the more digitally-attuned foreseeable future, it becomes odd that people are still craning their necks to the romance of a nostalgic what once was. Fashion and pop culture constantly falls for this trope, with trends taking to a spin cycle of every few years of relevance and digression. With almost everything operated at a mechanical and digitized currency, it is not only anachronistic but downright questionable that we are invariably living out our fantasies of decades past.

With the impossible separation from the human and the smartphone (a disappointing demise of humanity, really), everything has inextricably become linked to the device, rendering the physical to bits, bytes and strings of 1s and 0s. It makes one wonder why something so essential as telling time needs to be anchored on the heritage chronograph. In much simpler terms, with the ticking of the seconds, minutes and hours a veritable notification onscreen, why is there a need for watches or if you’re being pedantic, chronographs?

While nothing beats the good ‘ol classics, it either becomes a point of aesthetic or a reminder of what slowly could become obsolete. Naturally, purists and sticklers for the traditional will not want to see the day of its demise, so the next logical step was to compromise with innovation—as is essential even to the most standard timepiece.

Some four years ago, technological juggernaut, Apple, introduced the Apple Watch, a device that not only functions to basically tell time, but it also incorporated a more advanced persona that made it the ultimate device for a healthy life. Tracking fitness and health touch points with the Apple iOS, as well as other integrated services and products, the device has evolved to be a refined tool with clarity and purpose. To keep up with the times, the Apple Watch now grows into the Series 4, a re-tooled and reconfigured piece of technology that is its best form yet.

Fundamentally engineered and designed to keep you active, healthy and most importantly, connected, the Apple Watch Series 4 offers an upsized display with a new electrical sensor (fall detection and emergency SOS is now possible), a re-engineered digital crown with haptic feedback, advanced features for precise workouts, a comprehensive activity trackers and easier ways to connect through walkie-talkie, phone calls and messages. You can now even stream Apple music and podcast, as well as find new ways to utilize Siri.

It is a comprehensive device built for the needs and since you’re coughing up enough dough to slap it on your wrists, your wants as well. This is the natural precursor to such prized partnerships, such as that with French luxury brand, Hermès.

Crafted entirely of ceramic, sapphire crystal and cased in stainless steel, the collaboration unveils a new Hermès-designed heirloom-like interface, which comes in two new cases and five watch bands, which are crafted with Hermès’s supple leathers and meticulous top stitching. The Single and Double Tour features the iconic double-faced strap that shift in a dégradé of color, while the Single Tour Rallye references the classic Hermès driving glove. A sleek twist to the classic, the Single Tour Deployment buckle is a more convenient, comfortable and secure way of snapping the Apple Watch Hermès Series 4. Meanwhile, the exclusive Hermès Sport Band in orange is a light, flexible and water resistant alternative to the luxurious leather options, which is perfect for exercising.

Coming together with a shared vision seen in what is now a whole new light, the parallel thinking of Apple and Hermès realized a new sense of expression with Apple Watch Hermès Series 4. Taking the technological genius and strides of Apple and marrying it with the savoir faire and sophisticated whimsy of Hermès, the latest Apple Watch Hermès collection is a bold and colorful facet to gadget that everyone is talking about.

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