Here Are The 10 Best-Dressed Men At The MEGA Equality Ball

As the biggest fashion night in the Philippines just finished, we gather all the dapper men who stood out at the MEGA Equality ball.

Famed for having star-studded stylish attendees, we certainly saw no shortage of fashionable statements. And just like how the women shined on the red carpet, the men made sure not to play it safe to equally stand out. After all, it’s the créme de la créme of Philippine fashion galas. Here are the best-dressed men at the MEGA Equality ball.

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10. Ruru Madrid

Easily commanding his presence on the red carpet was none other than Ruru Madrid. As he wore a black polka-dotted suit jacket matched with a white unbuttoned shirt, he played it cool by adding a gold chain necklace.

9. Jake Cuenca

Known for always donning a classic polished look, Jake Cuenca still manages to catch everyone’s attention whenever he arrives. He kept things seriously dapper wearing an all-black suit number complemented by his loafers.

8. Charles Kieron

Seems like Charles Kieron definitely made sure to shine his way through the red carpet. As he donned a sequined dark blue suit jacket paired with black trousers and unbuttoned shirt, it sure is fresh to witness his sartorial side.

7. Richard Juan

When you’re invited to such a prestigious fashion gala, it’s always the best place to go all out. And that’s exactly what Richard Juan did. Making a high fashion statement, he wore a black Commés des Garçon coverup over a white Valentino shirt paired with wide Balenciaga pants.

6. Alex Diaz

Upon his arrival, it’s quite impossible to miss Alex Diaz at the red carpet wearing a black razor-sharp suit. But his real pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the oversized gold creation that amazingly complemented his whole look.

5. Tim Yap

Tim Yap’s one of the co-founders of the Pinoy Pride ball, so it’s only fitting that he would make his outfit extra special as he attends the gala. Looking effortlessly dapper as always, Tim Yap goes for the gold in a Chris Nick suit.

4. Francis Libiran

Bringing athleisure to a whole new level at the gala was Francis Libiran. Much like how Hollywood actor-singer Darren Criss turned heads upon arriving wearing a bomber jacket, that’s also kind of what transpired upon the arrival of Francis’ whole entourage.

3. Erik Santos

Exuding such regality at the ball, Erik Santos stuns in a timeless black and white tuxedo. But this time, he tried to elevate things by opting for an oversized shawl collar that made him look extremely dapper.

2. Sam Concepcion

Keeping all the shimmer intact the whole night, Sam Concepcion stuns in a gold metallic blazer. And to prove that he brought his sartorial A-game with him, Sam finished off his look with gold chains and an undone oversized neck tie.

1. James Reid

Finally, the moment James Reid emerged on the red carpet wearing an all-black Bang Pineda suit punctuated by a jaw-dropping gold sleeve, we knew he deserves to be on the top spot of our list. Come to think of it, he literally wore a metal sleeve. Now that’s what we call the 100 percent dedication to the gala’s dress code!

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