Let These Best Dressed Men At The MEGA Millennial Ball Show You How Maximum Exposure Is Done

At the recently concluded MEGA Millennial Ball, the men weren’t left behind by their female contemporaries as they too took to the theme, maximum exposure, with much aplomb. From exposed chests, daring cuts and interesting play of patterns, the guys came to play—and these are the ones who came on top.

The dress code for the MEGA Millennial Ball stated it very clear: expose a little or show a bit more. Whether with provocative hints of skin or piled on details, or in some cases, both, the men took to the theme with much ease. While some stayed within the confines of traditional tailoring, with sharp suits in classic black, gray or navy blue, others dared to color outside the lines with intelligent ways to realize the words, maximum exposure.

In a sea of the dapper dandy or overtly opulent, these are the men who didn’t come to skate just by. Taking the MEGA Millennial Ball, as well as the fashion to heart, these fine, league of gentlemen came out on top, making this year’s coveted best dressed list.

David Licauco

Deceptively simple from a first glance, David Licauco stood out for all the right reasons. While the well-fitted Ziggy Savella original was rendered in a color that sits comfortably within the dictates of modern menswear, it was the well-thought-of details that made this look a knockout. From the contemporary contrasted shawl lapel to opting for a ribbon instead of a traditional necktie or velvet bowtie, these little intricacies added depth to what others will argue to be just another sharp suit set.

Marco Gumabao

When someone wears red in any increment, it is best assumed that they are either feeling confident, powerful and badass, sometimes all three combined. Needless to say, this is a color that isn’t for the shy and faint of heart. Never one to shy away from a statement-making turn, MEGA Man April cover star, Marco Gumabao was a striking sight in bold monochromatic red suit set by Anthony Ramirez. Typically, this choice can go awry pretty quick when not done well. But by pairing the red choice with black, the look went from potentially caricature to contemporary and chic.

Billy Crawford

Speaking of a smart way of taking on the dress code, Billy Crawford opted for a deconstructed suit that showed it in its bare, essential form. No, he didn’t rush out of the tailor with what some will think of just the backbone of the look. This was intentional, and it was met with approving nods from the guests at the MEGA Millennial Ball. A conversation starter by all means, the fashion seemingly took a backseat when the newly minted husband proudly talked about his best dressed of the night, Colleen Garcia-Crawford.

Gab Lagman

Going for a total look-at-me kind of exposure, Gab Lagman went for a look that was in no way going to blend in with the crowd. Opting for a houndstooth-printed suit with a bold stripe running across the arms and shoulders, the MEGA Man April cover boy was the talk of the night among the male set for such a confident choice. Boxy and with an 80s-type of wide lapel, Gab Lagman brought things to the present time style landscape by pairing the Francis Libiran ensemble with an immaculate white turtleneck.

Alexander Diaz

The moment the elevator doors swung open and Alexander Diaz walked out to the red carpet, we knew we had a surefire entry to the MEGA Millennial Ball best dressed list. Sporting a cobalt blue blazer with woven pattern, the actor, host and fitness instructor opted to bare his best bod by skipping the classic button-down. The most striking facet to the overall Francis Libirran look was the kilt he chose to wear in the same woven cobalt blue fabric as his blazer, which he decorated with a traditional Scottish accessory to proudly show his other known heritage. Now, this is wearing pride on your sleeves done right—with the right dose of shock and surprise, too.

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