These Are The Best-Dressed Men At The Met Gala 2019

It’s the first Monday in May which also means it’s the biggest day for all sartorial men.

As the Met Gala 2019 is finally here, all of fashion’s finest men knew the level of competition for style—especially with the theme, “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” Not only do they need to stand out amongst the sea of dapper men, but also in the crowd of exquistely beautiful women.

With that in mind, the men wore the most creative ensembles made by the most ingenious designers. From carrying replicas of their own head to giving us a disorienting look, these men undeniably came out in their over-the-top outfits. Here are the best-dressed men at Met Gala 2019.

10. Jordan Roth

When Jordan Roth arrived at the Met steps, one would think he’s only wearing an elegant robe. But the moment he spread his wings, everyone was dumbfounded with the elaborate details of his theater-inspired Iris Van Herpen ensemble.

9. Lewis Hamilton

Effortlessly commanding his presence on the Met steps was none other than Lewis Hamilton. The British F1 racecar driver caught everyone’s eyes in a metallic zigzag suit complemented by a gem-crusted headband. To add a subtle drama, he wore a white cravat around his neck adorned by two diamond brooches.

8. Benedict Cumberbatch

Fusing Jay Gatsby’s aesthetic and the 40’s sensibilities, Benedict Cumberbatch wowed us as he appeared on the pink carpet. He looked no less than dapper in a three-piece white suit and fedora hat. He accessorized with a gold body chain, emerald brooch, and a stunning cane.

7. Cole Sprouse

As this is the sophomore year for Cole Sprouse, he made it a point to be kitschily dashing whilst following the theme. The Riverdale star wore a daisy embroidered vest over a pale pink button-up by Salvatore Ferragamo.

6. Nick Jonas

Well, you know what they say about mafias, “there’s no such thing as good money or bad money. There’s just money.” And Nick Jonas just proved that by wearing a crisp white double-breasted suit elevated by his sparkly boots and diamond jewelry.

5. Harry Styles

MEGAMAN | These Are The Best-Dressed Men At The Met Gala 2019

Who said only women can ace a sheer number? Thank the heavens we have Harry Styles to show us otherwise. The 25-year-old singer donned a see-through top punctuated by a big bow. He paired the piece with classic black trousers and dared to strut the carpet in a chunky pair of men’s heels.

4. Cody Fern

MEGAMAN | These Are The Best-Dressed Men At The Met Gala 2019

Cody Fern’s outfit for this year’s Met Gala is certainly camp. The House of Cards star wore a beige suit ensemble accentuated by a sheer black and blue turtleneck by Maison Margiela. He capped off his look by wearing a light blue cowboy boots.

3. Ezra Miller

MEGAMAN | These Are The Best-Dressed Men At The Met Gala 2019

While Ezra Miller’s eyes may be confusing us, his take on this year’s theme is not. The moment he removed his mask, everyone’s jaws just dropped. The 26-year-old actor had a disorienting look that totally complemented his pinstripe number with a bejeweled corset that cinched his waist.

2. Darren Criss

MEGAMAN | These Are The Best-Dressed Men At The Met Gala 2019

Darren Criss has been in the best-dressed lists left and right, and this time is no different. The great thing with him is that he always dares to take risks. Channeling a harlequin, he wore a bedazzled Balmain tailcoat over a black ensemble with huge bow accent.

1. Jared Leto

MEGAMAN | These Are The Best-Dressed Men At The Met Gala 2019

And finally, the man who dominates this year’s Met Gala is Jared Leto. He wore a striking red Gucci dress with a front slit covered with jewels. But more than this, he impeccably followed the gala’s theme. The Oscar winner astonished the crowd as he arrived on the pink carpet carrying a replica of his own head.

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