Are These Blast From The Past Pair Of Converse Sneakers Really The Best Ever?

Sure, it looks like your standard pair of classic high-cut canvas Converse sneakers, but appearances are deceiving. With details carefully obsessed on, the latest Chuck 70s collection of the heritage brand may very well be its finest work to date.

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Whether you like to consider yourself high-intensity sporty, down low cool or just a plain ‘ol sneakerhead, one common denominator connects all these tribes that we define ourselves with—and that lies in the ubiquitous pairs of Converse sneakers we’ve had then and now. A touchstone of a nonchalant youth, as well as an indicator of more balanced grown-up state, these classic pairs have seen just about every turning point in many a generation.

The definitive Chuck All Stars for example boasts of a century-long history. From the Non-Skids it was originally crafted for on the hard-courts, the first modern basketball sneakers have since entered a revered cult status, intrinsically stepping into the personal stories and memories of each and every user from decades past swears by.

Needless to say, everyone has owned a pair of Converse kicks at least once in their lives. More so, this penchant for the vintage nostalgia that is so closely protected by the brand continues on in the modern day plane where they have intended to make the classic even better than ever. With the release of its Heritage Court Pack, a selection of canvas sneakers in the beloved 1970s silhouette, we see greater attention to details that take it from just a thing of the past into a contemporary necessity.

Re-introduced in 2013, the Chuck 70 takes its cue from the Chuck Taylor All Star but with more finesse. This shape has been such a hit since that designers like Rei Kawakubo, Missoni, J.W. Anderson and most recently, Virgil Abloh, have all been drawn to put their stamp to the iconic pair.

Looking at the new release closely, the shoe still boasts the full sporting glory it has been known for, but this time it comes out of the box snazzier than ever. Think of it as a refurbished vintage car that is ready to take to the open road with its glinting glaze of paint, buffed out leather and don’t-mess-with-me wheels. The new Converse Chuck 70 pairs comes in a 12 oz. canvas with winged tongue stitching that runs across the shoe in great detail, 35mm rubber taping with a veneer of gloss, and the stamp of all stamps, the “Chuck Taylor All Star” license plate in an engrained leather.

Rendered in a refreshing palette of light and dusty colors, the Chuck 70 is the perfect mix of the old and the new. While you can never go wrong with an immaculate pair in white, there is a slew of other options that are sure to tickle your fancy. Take your pick from atypical colorways such as Wolf Grey, Aegan Blue, Dusty Rose and Desert Gold to include to what we assume is a lifelong collection (or dare we say, love affair) with Converse.

Cool, comfortable and a cornerstone of versatility, we have to admit, this might just really be the best ever from Converse—at least so far.

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