Break Out Of The Fashion Safe Zone With Bold Takes On Local Menswear

The days of sticking to the mandated rules of menswear are long gone. Bold, daring and spirited, these takes on modern menswear should be filling up your closets—stat!

Nothing will beat a classic, that much we know. A crisp shirt and well-fitted jeans does wonders for that nonchalant brand of cool you will want to exude, while a tailored suit instantly commands attention and respect. However, in a generation that puts a premium to distinct individuality, the codes of menswear have felt a tectonic shift. With a canvas of classic staples, more and more men have taken to bold fashion that is far from the ordinary. Here, we show you how to walk past the safe zone and zoom right into extraordinary territory.

The whimsical and cinematic come together in fully realized and technically proficient menswear. Instead of the usual prints and patterns, you are accorded with choices that include trippy, acid-washed optics rendered in silk button-downs that are all the rage in street style. 

Sure, it looks ordinary and typical at first glance. Deceptively simple, the fine art of tailoring isn’t lost on the more dynamic front of contemporary fashion. Committed to the time-honored traditions of sharp suits, wider lapels and relaxed fits dominate the modern dandy, setting beyond what is anticipated and dated.

Statements have taken over. From subtle insignia to in-your-face placements, words and narratives thread through the seams of your favorite staples. With shocks of shapes and a blurring of gender normative mandates, the imagination of youth-charged designers are equal parts wild and thoughtful. What is clear from this point-of-view is that men’s style is more liberated than what was once known.

Digging through the rich history of native tribes in the country, local menswear celebrates heritage in a way that isn’t meant for a once-a-year fete. The persistence and function of a classic and rugged denim is contrasted by well-placed but subtle bead-work and tropical prints, that gives the Filipino formal dress code a fresh spin.

Visceral and thought-provoking, fashion inches forward from archaic forms and adapts intelligently engineered structures that lends itself well to the rigors of menswear. Vivid primaries, origami-like folds and oversized utilitarian silhouettes dispel tradition, putting emphasis on playfulness and fun. A welcome lifting of the senses, it challenges the wearer at first but it firmly settles as a walking piece of art at the very least.

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