BTS Shines Through Their Latest Dynamite MV With A Little Gucci and Saint Laurent

The internet went wild as ARMYs worldwide celebrated the release of BTS’s single and official music video for Dynamite. And of course, the fashion.

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On August 21, they dropped their first all-English song and official Dynamite MV through their Big Hit Labels YouTube channel, and once again the boys did not disappoint in the style department. Looking extra dapper and stylish, their retro and old school vibe was so on point with the disco-themed music video.

Known for their amazing visuals, it’s no surprise that the seven-member group was looking absolutely dynamite from head-to-toe, wearing pieces from Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2020 collection and Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection. Each carefully curated outfit definitely shows off their individual style personalities:

On Jimin:

bts jimin
Photo credit:

(L-R) Gucci Cotton viscose jacket with Gucci script, Gucci GG Marmont leather belt with shiny buckle,

Gucci Leather loafer with Interlocking G

On RM:

rm bts dynamite mv
Photo credit:

(L-R) Gucci Star print silk oversize bowling shirt, Gucci Men’s GG Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker

On J-Hope:

j-hope bts dynamite mv

Photo credit:

(L-R) Gucci Leather shirt with point collar, Gucci GG Marmont green leather belt with shiny buckle

On V:

v gucci
Photo credit:

(L-R) Gucci Washed striped cotton shirt, Gucci Wool mohair formal vest

(L-R) Gucci Wool mohair tailored pant, Gucci Loafer with Web and Interlocking G

On Jungkook:

Photo credit:

(L-R) Gucci Check wool jacket with Gucci label, Gucci Belt with framed Double G buckle

On Suga:

suga mv dynamite
Photo credit:

(L-R) Gucci Wool jacket with Gucci label, Gucci Wool formal vest

(L-R) Gucci Washed striped cotton shirt, Gucci Marble washed denim flare pant, Gucci Loafer with Web

and Interlocking G

On Jin:

jin dynamite
Photo credit:

Saint Laurent Fawn Polka Dot Cropped Shirt in Silk

As for their latest single, this comes before their highly-anticipated comeback album, dropping in the fourth quarter of 2020. However, the meaning behind the disco-pop song is more than just colorful aesthetics and happiness. The seven members—RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook—wanted to remind fans about the little ‘funk and soul’ that make life worth living, which also explains the fashion direction they went with for this release. With a more contemporary spin on the spirit of the 70s, it was all about a groovin’ but subdued color story, as well as of everything from flared trousers, psychedelic prints, and an unabashed ease in silhouettes.

While BTS’s Dynamite is all about bringing joy to their fans, the message dives deeper, given the global COVID-19 pandemic. During the press conference last August 21, BTS recognized that everyone is going through difficult times, but the band hopes to help listeners through music. “A lot of people are going through some tough times right now,” Jungkook said via Forbes. “I hope that Dynamite will be a healing song, a therapeutic song to make lots of people happy.”

Suga also shared how they wanted to “repay” ARMYs for the never-ending love and support they’ve shown the band. “For our new single Dynamite, I think our goal is a little different, a little bit special,” he said. “We built this song to give a little bit of strength to people who listen to it. So our goal is for as many people as possible to hear and get a little bit of reassurance and healing for it.”

Jin added, “Through this song, we wanted to say, this time is difficult. But let’s overcome this together. And we wanted to deliver that through singing and dancing, which is what we do best.”

Dropping like dynamite, the song wasn’t initially supposed to be released this early, but RM said, “We thought we wanted to share this energy with our fans as quickly as possible and decided to release it early, something we‘ve never done before. But we just couldn’t wait.”

Releasing both the first MV and the B-side version (that contains more bloopers and a new angle) it proves how BTS listens to their fans, wants to bring joy, and be able to shine light through their music even in the toughest of years.

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