Quick, Catch The Biggest Whisky Pop-Up Bar Before It’s Too Late

Tired of that old and standoffish way to supposedly enjoy a glass of whisky? Look no further as the Johnnie Walker House opens its door for everyone, positioning itself as the new go-to joint of everyone from the experimental to the experienced Scotch drinker.

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Literature has taught us many things, especially in our curious, formative years, insight, context, and quite honestly, a good deal about life in general. But more than the essentials from the point of coming-of-age and beyond, we have also been schooled on the importance of whisky. Whether you choose to crack open a classic Fleming, Steinbeck or Faulkner, you will most likely have chanced upon the occurrence of the hallowed spirit on more than an occasion, often in the coddles of deep thought, a slick of cool or smack-talk, the good ‘ol Scotch drink has not only inhabited the pages of compelling compendiums, but it has also played a fervent muse to its respective authors.

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Over the years, whiskey has continued to command dominion over literature, in scripture and otherwise, further finding a foothold in pop culture. Despite a lingering presence, stirred in part by an exaltation in thought and words, it has earned a notorious reputation of being exclusive (often to men), brooding, and high-brow. Relegated only to a select few, it has capitalized on this status for long, which in part cordoned itself of from the rest of the liquor-enjoying and consuming public. However, with progress having its way as of late, the icy veneer of whisky has thawed considerably, with it being made to be experienced by a whole lot more than just the gentlemen finding solace at a speakeasy or straight-up whisky bar.

With this in consideration, as well as a constant and consistent pursuit of turning whisky into an experience for all to enjoy, Johnnie Walker opens a Scotch pop-up along the vibrant and brimming-with-life locale of Poblacion. Finding a home along Kalayaan, the Johnnie Walker House offers a unique and memorable drinking experience for both whisky connoisseurs and newbies, by fusing art, music, and of course, the world’s #1 Scotch in all its extensive and exquisite blends.

Leading up to the third-floor bar are neon-lit signages, assuring you that this was the sign you were look for, as well as advising you to keep walking. Once atop, the Johnnie Walker House reveals itself to be a contemporary and spirited enclave that features everything from murals by Jappy Agoncillo, along with other eye-catching art from artist such as Lee Caces, Kookoo Ramos, Kate Quebrar, and Kara Pangilinan, to sweet tunes to groove along to, whisky in hand, naturally.

The true star is the Highball Bar, a warm and inviting island right smack in the middle of the space, featuring the diverse portfolio of blends by Johnnie Walker. Whether you’re in it to discover the world of whisky or simply just to further appreciate the smooth and smoky flavors, you are in good hands as Diageo Reserve World Class Philippine Bartender of the Year 019, Lester Ligon, captains the bar with cocktails as well as whisky flights that hero the Johnnie Walker range, from the zesty Red Label to the rich Blue Label.

Serious fans and aficionados with a more mature and discerning palate are in for a treat as Johnnie Walker single malts used for the various blends are served, even offering an exclusive access to rare drams, comprised of Johnnie Walker XR21 and King George V, which are among the rarest and most expensive amber liquid in their library of flavors.

“At the core of the Johnnie Walker brand is the drive to continuously push the envelope in creating ways for our consumers to enjoy and experience whisky—and the Johnnie Walker House is a physical testament to that,” muses Andrea Raralio, Senior Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker. “Through the offerings, we’re hopeful that people will find the whisky taste that suits them—whether that’s simply in a highball or with a mixer, a cocktail, or on-the-rocks.”

Sure, this may not be the purist’s vision of a whisky moment, but we don’t live in an old world era, do we? An answer to the highly dynamic times, the only goal of the Johnnie Walker House (the biggest Scotch bar in the Philippines, mind you) is to make sure you have a good time with its fine blend. If its housewarming was any indication of how this venture will fare, then we say that we are in for many, many fun nights. With a scheduled tenure running until May 10, the only logical thing to do now is to go up those steps and escape into a world of culture that will open your senses to the many wonders of Scotch whisky.

And just like always, a visit to the Johnnie Walker House comes with a caveat: drink up, but do so responsibly. Got it? Good.

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