Cheers, It’s Christmas: These Bottles Of Libations Are The Perfect Gift To Give And Yes, Receive

Whether it be to pile under the tree or to fit in the jigsaw puzzle of your Christmas spread, these bottles of top-grade alcohol are the best gifts this season.

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Everything is extra special during the holidays, more so when it comes to the abundant spreads that are the unparalleled force of gravity that pulls us in for many, many, many social get togethers. Stuffing ourselves silly and to our hearts content, nothing punctuates the gustatory experience better than popping open bottles of liquor to cap things off. A constant presence on many festivities, these spirits are not only best when shared and feted to a toast, but it is also an excellent choice for a gift, one that will surely leave a lingering grin on the faces of someone who receives it.

But before you make a quick trip to the wine cellar or booze joints, here are a curated selection of bottles you have to get for people you hold near and dear…or you know, for yourself.


No holiday coming together is complete without the company of good ‘ol Johnnie Walker. A staple on many liquor cabinets and bountiful Christmas spreads, the world’s #1 Scotch whisky truly lights up the festivities, especially when passed around to enjoy or take home as a gift. This season, Johnnie Walker unbottles its limited-edition gift packs, pocket Scotch, and the prized Blue Label, which should all be part of your wish lists—stat.

Designed by London-based designer, Richard Malone, the eye-catching presents come in a distinct contemporary aesthetic with its mix of energetic color and asymmetrical patterns that mirror the familiar flavors of Johhnie Walker. Prefaced with a caution and drilling of mindful responsibility, enjoy everything from the zesty assemblage of fruity sweetness, cinnamon, and cackle of pepper in the Red Label; the guttural rich and smoky character of the Black Label; the tossing of intensity with peat smoke, raisin, and fruits in the Double Black; the sparkling combination of fruit, vanilla, and cream in the Gold Reserve; the refreshing complexity of apples, pears, and orange zest in the Green Label; the nutty, malty, and smoky 18 Years that finishes off to an aromatic allure; and finally, the Rare Blend of honeyed sweetness and dried fruits infused with smoke for unequalled body and depth of the Blue Label.


Crafted with extraordinary care and attention, there is a reason why Glenfiddich stands to be the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky that is constant presence on many liquor cabinets and bars all over the world. A work of true perfection, this range borne from the “valley of the deer” at the north of Dufftown, Scotland, the spiritual heart of Speyside. With choices from rare, vintange, and limited-edition bottles, the quality and consistency is best introduced with its signature 12 Year Old expression, a carefully matured balance in the finest American oak and European oak sherry casks, which brings out its sweet and subtle flavors before rounding out to creamy, lingering mellow finish.


Celebrate the vibrant energy and colorful spirit of the main local sugar-producing island of the country, Negros, with Don Papa Rum, a premium blend distilled from local sugar cane aged in Ex-American Bourbon oak up to seven years being blended. A whiff of this amber-hued libation is light and fruity to the nose, while it builds to a smooth and delicate dance on the palate with its flavors of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits. Perfect for gifting or serving, Don Papa Rum takes their efforts one step further by consciously building and strengthening its partnership with Talarak Foundation, an NGO from Negros focused on conservation and habitat protection.


More than just liquid gold in a bottle, with its smooth, rich and generous blend of the finest malt and grain whiskies aged for at least 12 years, Chivas Regal believes in the overcoming of brilliance against the adversity of odds. In keeping with the vision of founding brothers, James and John Chivas, each bottle of specially crafted whisky adheres to its mantra of success being a blend, in life and in Scotch. The original luxury blended Scotch whisky, with its elements of honey, vanilla, and ripe apple notes, conquers the modern times with its persistence of something extraordinary.


Don’t listen to what they have to say—there are many ways to enjoy a glass of whisky during the holidays: neat, on the rocks, or splashed with your choice of mixer. The clincher here, however, is in the bottle you get your hands on. Perfect for family, friends or just yourself, Jura Seven Wood is the appropriate spirit to accompany your Christmas celebrations. Carrying a heritage and history of a tiny island community off the west coast of Scotland, Jura charges into the contemporary times with its ability to reinvent and reimagine all while being anchored to its great flavors. First matured in American White Oak, the blend is transferred to six different French Oak casks where it continues its maturation of complex profile. Sweet and smoky, the balanced and nuanced swirl offers hints of tropical fruit, soft wood spice, which you can enjoy with a bite of mint chocolate and finished off with a fresh cup of Joe—aka your new Christmas ritual. You’re welcome.

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