Feeling Thirsty? Chill Out With The Game Of Thrones-Inspired Blend Of Whisky

As we wait in high (and almost painful) anticipation for the return and eventual end of the beloved Game of Thrones series, Johnnie Walker and HBO team up to give us a blend to warm us up until then.

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The end is nigh. Well, at least in the land of Westeros—and we aren’t just talking about the potential occurrence of another Long Night. While the rest of the TV-obsessed population will still have to wait in a high and almost painful anticipation on how the fate of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and the rest of Westeros will unfold, the folks over at Johnnie Walker and HBO are warming us up to the much-awaited return (and eventual end) of the beloved series, Game of Thrones with the introduction of the special, limited-edition blend of Scotch Whisky inspired by one of the most lethal, and chillingly mysterious characters, The White Walkers.

Emerging from the depths of darkness and legend, the ancient army of the undead, with their white, wispy hair and somewhat sinewy and mummified pale-gray skin, have since posed a numbing threat to anything living with their blizzard-capable powers, (ice) sword-wielding abilities, and superhuman strength. Taking inspiration from the figment of George R.R. Martin’s imagination, the world’s #1 premium Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker, has exacted a unique blend that evokes that side of the wall.

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Housed in a bottle that mimics ice in a white and blue design, the iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man is decorated in armor, already seemingly fitted to walk along the ranks of the Night King’s forces. As if to push the narrative further, it even features the eerily familiar blue glint in the eye. Also, whether you lift it from the freezer or dip it in an ice-cold bath, the words “Winter Is Here” is revealed thanks to a utilizing of temperature-sensitive ink technology. Needless to say, it is best served chilled at 1.5 degrees. Yum.

It all sounds well and good, but about the blend you ask?

Created by whisky specialist George Harper and an intimate team of expert blenders at Johnnie Walker, the innovative mix features a seamless swirl of caramelized sugar, vanilla, fresh red berries with a touch of orchard fruit. Featuring single malts from Cardhu and Clynelish, two of Scotland’s enduring distilleries, the spirit is refined, sweet, but with a fruity twist. It is also cool to note that the additional increment in its ABV of 41.7 relates to the Seven Kingdoms of Game of Thrones.

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“At the core of the Johnnie Walker brand is the drive to continuously push the envelope in creating new blends for our consumers to enjoy—and we are excited to unveil one of the biggest one yet,” Cesar Gangoso, Marketing Director of Diageo Philippines, enthuses. “White Walker by Johnnie Walker was created in celebration of the eighth and final season of the series, and is the perfect gift for Game of Thrones fans, or anyone who appreciates great Scotch whisky.”

While the pedantic and hard-pressed, hardcore followers of the tome will claim that the majority “know nothing,” what we know is that we thoroughly enjoy anything and everything GOT-related—and that includes this chillingly beautiful blend of ember-hued liquid. Whether it is to warm us up during the holidays, or to tide us over until April 2019, we’re clinking our glasses to this godsend of a drink.