Having Club Withdrawals During Quarantine? No worries, The Palace Manila Has You Covered

Getting antsy during quarantine? Ease your worries away as The Palace Manila urges you to stay at home with the clubbing experience indoors.

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This just in: The news is telling us that the enhanced community quarantine is set to be extended from the original April 14 deadline to April 30 at exactly 11:59 PM. A necessary mandate, especially in light of the yet to be flattened curve in the fight to quell Covid-19, this is not only a good thing, but also the right decision. With this, however, it only means that we will have to wait it out a little longer than expected, staying at home while we see this crisis through.

Instead of the hostile reactions it was met with during the first wave, there has been little to no clapbacks to this extension, because by now, we have been slowly and surely settling into the new normal of living. As we continue to work together, with the help of our tireless and inspiring modern heroes manning the front lines, to see an end to this pandemic finally, the world has since accustomed to staying in, finding creative ways to be productive and pass the time.

From being thrust to working from home to a surge in the virtual call sessions, life has never been the same, especially on the social front. With a strict rule on social distancing, eliminating any form of gathering in numbers, there is admittedly a void left for the more extroverted set used to going out regularly or intermittently.

This gaping void of social activity hits the most during the weekend, where the norm was to just bust out and hit the club for drinks and dancing. But with the quarantine in full effect, we simply had to find ways to work around it by signing up for TikTok, organizing e-numan sessions on Zoom, and even throwing dance parties for one in the comforts of our rooms. Now, despite the physical limitations, it doesn’t mean that the fun must come at a complete stop, because helping us recreate the magic of the nightlife is The Palace Manila, who wants to bring the clubbing experience with you at home.

In an effort aptly called The Stay At Home Sessions that began on March 23, some of The Palace Manila’s prime resident DJs were on shuffle, featuring the likes of Rupert Feliciano, Kat DJ, Earl Austin, Raze, Katsy Lee, Platon, Ace Ramos, and Bill Dayao. And it doesn’t stop there, of course. On April 8, warm up your home dance floor for the beats of Aryan Magat, followed by Vera on April 10, and finally Adrian Legarda of April 12. Bringing their game in such a unique circumstance, The Palace Manila proves that a good time cannot be locked down.

So, what are you waiting for, put on your finest threads, prep yourself a drink, and get ready to dance, dance, dance the quarantine with The Palace Manila at home. It may not be much, but it is a little something to tide you over until we all see each other again in the outside world, sometime soon.

Catch the Stay At Home Sessions live at 9 PM on The Palace Manila’s Facebook page.

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