Creating Strong and Lasting Connections: This Is The Hyun Bin Phenomenon

From My Lovely Sam Soon in 2005 to Crash Landing On You last December, the Hyun Bin Phenomenon in the Philippines just got giga-sized

Imagine this: you’re caught in a star-crossed romance where the happily-ever-after you oh-so desire with a woman you fell in love with will be at the risk of family honor, reputation, and possibly your life. Will you toy with the flows of fate all in the name of love? For beloved K-drama star Hyun Bin, it’s a story he has lived and that millions have loved.

Hyun Bin as Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok in the series Crash Landing On You
Hyun Bin as Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok in the series Crash Landing On You

Yes, we are talking about the record-breaking series Crash Landing On You where a North Korean Special Forces Unit Captain played by Hyun Bin meets an affluent South Korean chaebol heiress at the Demilitarized Zone in an unfortunate (or destined) paragliding incident. But apart from the perfect mix of drama, romance, and comedy, this is a story that is heavily hinged on connections, or lack thereof.

Entering a new era of connectivity

In the context of the series, this theme of connection is played perfectly with the premise of political tensions between North Korea and South Korea, divided by the 38th parallel. Yet in our everyday lives, conversations on connection have come to the fore due to travel restrictions, work and school rearrangements, and most importantly, internet connectivity.

If there’s a time to be engrossed in online media, it’s now more than ever. In a data report by We Are Social last April, 64 percent of the Filipinos said their social media time has increased—the most among all countries. Netflix, Tiktok, and Zoom have climbed up the ranks in the most-downloaded apps globally, breaking into the top ten along with social media juggernauts last March. Another study last April also saw mobile game downloads go up by 30% compared to the previous year. As physical interactions remain scarce, we are turning to mobile to stay connected.

Living the Giga Life

With the rise in demand for mobile entertainment and services in the Philippines, it is only apt that we are equipped with a network provider that is fast, reliable, and versatile. Staking that claim is Smart, and the facts don’t lie—mobile analytics firms Ookla and Opensignal have recognized Smart as the country’s fastest mobile data network.

Hyun Bin stars in Smart's latest ad, concluding with the star delivering Smart’s new tagline in Filipino, “Simple. Smart Ako.”
Hyun Bin stars in Smart’s latest ad, concluding with the star delivering Smart’s new tagline in Filipino, “Simple. Smart Ako.”

Their latest campaign, which debuts the company’s new tagline “Simplé. Smart ako.”, focuses on making technology available, and more importantly, simple for Filipinos—the social media savvy, binge-watcher, avid mobile gamer, and everyone in between. And there is no one better to capture this commitment to connectivity than Hyun Bin. After all, it was through video streaming, online posts, trending hashtags, and tita chat rooms that Hyun Bin became a national phenomenon in the Philippines.

To commemorate this massive undertaking—with this campaign being the first for any local telco brand to have a South Korean star as its face—Smart is running a promo that gives subscribers an opportunity to cop exclusive merchandise.

Smart Postpaid subscribers can choose from four sets of merch consisting of various combinations of the Hyun Bin poster, pillow, or tabletop—depending on the Smart Signature Plan they are renewing or signing up for. In addition, up to 60GB of bonus data allocation will be given depending on the chosen Smart Signature plan, enabling fans to stream all their favorite shows, videos, and movies online.

Smart has unveiled three limited-edition Hyun Bin merch, including a pillow, poster, and tabletop
Snag these three limited-edition Hyun Bin merch for you or for a loved one, including a pillow, poster, and tabletop

For Smart Prepaid subscribers, the Hyun Bin poster and Hyun Bin pillow is up for grabs with every Php500 and Php1,000 worth of load purchase respectively. All these promos will run until July 5, 2020, at participating Smart Stores, Smart Online Store, distributor stores, and selected retail partners.

So whether you are getting a hold of these limited-edition items for a significant other, your tita who is a die-hard fan, or for yourself (being a Hyun Bin stan or K-drama fan is nothing to be shy about!), you are taking a step into bridging gaps and reconnecting with others. That is the power of having a strong connection. Simple, isn’t it?

For the complete promo mechanics, visit their website.

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