Dance Your Way Into Super Style Status With Ultraviolet

Dust off your boogie-woogie shoes, sharpen those long dormant moves and suit up in spiffy and unexpected renditions of Manila’s hustling creatives because we’re going dancing—all night long.

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Let’s come off of it, any shade of purple isn’t typically a man’s classic go-to. But with a royal appointment of sorts from the good people at Pantone, it will not be too long from now that every design and branding maverick will start turning to ultraviolet for whatever creative output comes to mind.

A quick adapter, fashion has already started to wrap the color in its arms, appropriately spinning it into snazzy threads that will have you reaching for it on the rack. Make no mistake about, there is no near allusion to a Barney kind of purple. Instead, we are given a peek into the many possibilities that ultraviolet can become your new style staple.

Purple jumpsuit by BENJ ROGANDO

Strike with courage and take on two trends at once: the rugged jumpsuit and the royal ultraviolet. Skip the worries as this is a mere case of function meeting a huge heaping of rick-rolling fun in the Pantone-approved color of the year.

Violet double-breasted vest and trousers both by LEVENSON RODRIGUEZ

It’s all guns a blazing (well, the anatomical ones, at least) with a sleeveless take on modern tailoring.

Deep purple waxed coat by DAUSON BERMTAY

Jet off into the functionalized future with roomy, almost ovoid silhouettes rendered in appropriately gleaming fabrics. Equal parts rockstar and apocalyptic entity, this look is all sorts of cool now and in time yet to come.

Metallic purple jacket with shawl collar by IANA AGUAS and star-printed button-down by DOROTHY PERKINS

At this point, why should you be afraid of a little shine and shimmer? Kick the sparkle to a whole new level with metallic finishes and star prints.

Purple multi-panelled blazer by REYNER PIEM, burgundy silk button-down by VERO MODA and wave-detailed sunglasses by KENZO x H&M

Draw the focus on a finely fitted suit jacket with a play on optics through multiple panels in similar ultraviolet hues.

Purple double-breasted suit set by CHYNNA MAMAWAL

Take on the deeper and more subdued shade to give off a vibe of royal distinction. For added contrast, infuse the ensemble with punctuations of a striking black.

Deep purple waxed coat by DAUSON BERMTAY and lip-printed scarf by ALDO

Juxtapose the seriousness of the shade of purple with quirky accessories to lighten the mood of your look.

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