David Guison Shares The Secret On How To Fund Your Next Trip In Style

David Guison has been conquering the world one country at a time. From Sweden, Denmark, Thailand, Indonesia, to several other countries across different continents, the MEGA Man May cover star continues to be on top of his A-game when it comes to traveling in style.

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Two days upon arriving back in Manila, David sat with us and shared his breathtaking experience in Iceland. Cue the beautiful glacier lagoon to the delicately wonderful Icelandic moss, he euphorically declared that his goal this year to visit the land of ice and fire was finally met.

With the Making MEGA Kathniel documentary being his guide to know which places he should see, David definitely channeled the same sophistication on his photos–from a layered fur and knitted number to a vibrant yellow ensemble.

But since David understood that it’s hard to conquer the world in style, given the limited baggage allowance and expensive accommodations, he shared some travel hacks to achieve it. According to him,  “while blogging is my main source of income, I do have other side-gigs to fund my travels such as photography, styling, and even selling my underused items for extra cash.”

Invest in experiences not things

Unlike before when the Baby Boomers would usually invest on things like jewelry–which is not a bad thing–Millennials nowadays prioritize investing in experiences. David said, “if you have underused items lying in your house, you should sell them to fund your travels. The experience you have from traveling will exceed the value of those items.”

Do your research

Don’t be naive when it comes to pricing your things especially your designer clothes. Make sure your price is right, because “when it comes to selling, you should always do your research on the market price,” David emphasized.

Save money by buying online

From clothes, backpacks, luggages, or even camera gear can be costly. He shared that there are actually good quality camera gears and excellent clothes that you’ll be able to see on Carousell. Sometimes it’s not only half the cost, but also more environmentally-friendly.

Download Carousell on Google Play or App Store and save more money with excellent finds. Don’t forget to also follow David Guison on Instagram @davidguison for more style inspirations.

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