Off The Grid And Down To Earth, Zac Efron Is Getting Up Close And Personal With The Planet

Hungry for adventure? Look no further as Zac Efron takes the rest of the world to you, exploring the planet and finding enlightenment on sustainability in his eco-charged Netflix docu-series, Down To Earth.

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Where in the world is Zac Efron you ask? We’re not also entirely sure, although there have been reports that he was last spotted in New South Wales, Australia soaking up the coastline and hanging out with buddy Chris Hemsworth. While that remains to be a hypothesis for now, what we do know is that recently (and by that we mean pre-pandemic), he has been seen traipsing everywhere from France, Puerto Rico, London, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru and Sardinia in Italy. Now, as exciting and exotic as some of these locations may sound, this wasn’t for some vacation, because as he is known to do, Zac Efron loves chasing adventures.

“Getting out and experiencing the wild, stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s cool, it helps you grow as a person,” he expresses in a YouTube video titled, Off The Grid With Zac Efron. This time, however, he has set out on a journey of education and enlightenment, seeking out ways to “discover what it means to make a difference in sustainability” and “find some new perspectives on some very old problems.” Together with Wellness Expert, Darien Olien, he is taking us along the for an eco-trip around the globe in his Netflix docu-series, Down To Earth With Zac Efron.

In the trailer for the documentary, which seems to unravel as Nat Geo-like travelogue that touches on everything from food, water, and energy, this exploration seeks out to dissect how the bigger and lofty act of change is an inside job we can all be part of. Rethinking consumption of the modern world and meeting eco-innovators to explain the intricacies of sustainability amid globalization, Down To Earth is perhaps a look into the possibility of living simply and sensibly with a greater consideration for the planet we have been wasting away for years.

Before you assume that this is just some hobby for another Hollywood actor to while his precious time away, think again, because Zac Efron has long been committed to a more mindful approach to living, dabbling from plant-based diets and advocating for climate change and the welfare of the planet, as well as hosting Discovery Channel’s Great Global Cleanup, a show focused on young climate activists. “I have always been in awe of the magic and mystery of Mother Nature. Exploring the unknown has always been a true passion in my life,” he wrote on his Instagram for Earth Day. “Now, more than ever, I realize how important it is to take care of our planet, our people, and every living thing we share it with.”

Zac Efron

His focus on the Earth becomes eagle-eyed in Down To Earth, as he eats his way through dung-smoked delicacies, bugs, and obscenely large tropical fruits, participating in coastal clean-ups, and even coming face-to-face with massive geo-thermal sources and curiously, something that is called a community fart bag. Loaded with laughs, oddities, and eye-openers, this series not only lets us in on the planet as we might know it to be in its full potential, but we also will get a glimpse of Zac Efron in his natural, carb-loving, curious state, away from the lights of show business and the buffed out veneer of his A-list Hollywood pedigree.

Zac Efron

Other than that, the rest is a mystery waiting to unraveled, which is just right, because there lies the beauty of the planet we call home. “Change has to start somewhere,” the actor posits, before pivoting to an all-encompassing challenge to the viewer: “Maybe it’s time we all change.” Lofty as it may sound, this sounds just about right for the world today—in more ways than one, of course.

Consider us signed up for this adventure, Zac Efron.


On July 10, Down To Earth With Zac Efron streams worldwide on Netflix.

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