These Men Prove That You Can (And Should) Dress Up In Style Even In Quarantine

Feeling a little letdown by the reality of life lately? Take cues from these stylish men and celebrate the act of the daily dress up with these stylish updates.

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It might be bold of us to assume, but as you train your eyes until the end of this written piece, you are hopefully perched on your favorite corner at home wearing what is a likely combination of a pair of sweats and a worn out oversized shirt. No judgments, because honestly, same. After all, what reason is there to exert that extra amount of effort dressing up when there is no one else to go but the different sections of the house? Look, we get it, even if you spend a few days living with the decision to dress up in the same set of clothes. Again, no judgment. However, you have to admit, there is something to be missed about wearing pants.

dress up
Daniel Miranda

With four months of what has been a pingpong of community quarantine in various stages, as well as of a continued effort stay indoors as much as possible to limit the movement of the coronavirus and the consequent health risks of it, it might be time to reunite with the rest of our clothes neatly folded at the far end of our closets at this point. It could be for whatever reason you see fit, but as it will prove to be a common denominator, the joy of self-expression through the art of fashion and dress up. Realizing this void, four stylish men explored the connection of style in a state of isolation in an intimate digital shoot aptly titled, Shared Love In Virtual Spaces.

Andre Chang

Celebrating the act of the daily dress up in a pandemic might seem like a non-essential, but there is a certain pleasure that comes with carefully or even haphazardly choosing what to wear at the start of one’s day. Whether it be showing up for work in at home set-up, catching up with friends on video chat parties, and just simply walking to and from the gate hauling your succession of online shopping purchases, it just seems a touch better when you dress up in the season’s freshest fits. Just ask race car driver Daniel Miranda, photographer BJ Pascual, stylist Andre Chang, and model-photograher Hideo Muraoka, who came together amid the social distance mandate wearing the latest from SM Men and SM Youth, exemplifying an appropriate exuberance and excitement From the spirited stripes of Andre, the ease of denim with BJ, the coordinated track suits of Daniel, and the athletic mainstays of Hideo, there is a enough reason to dress up in whatever style you see fit, especially with The SM Store’s recently launched initiative to shop alternatively safely from home.

dress up
BJ Pascual

With its Call To Deliver service, you can easily pick through the latest offerings of their homegrown brands, where a team of shoppers will fix everything up for you, which is then arranged to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Other than that, you just sit back and patiently wait before that opportune time to dress up for yourself. It may not be an unnecessary trip outside or to some fun destination, but walking to the kitchen or the next room is more than enough reason to up the ante of stay at home fashion. Don’t worry; we will always have that sensible and trusted pair of sweats to lounge in after, but for now, it’s time for a little stylish update.

Hideo Muraoka
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