Finally Committing To Working Out? Let These Men Guide You To Your 2020 Fitness Goals

Struggling to make good on your New Year’s resolution to make good on your pledge to working out? With a decade worth of fitness lessons to their names, we consult with a range of men to figure out how best to go about your best self yet.

While the euphoric and excessive spirit of the New Year’s festivities has now been swept by the wind, finally settling back to the humdrum of life B.C. (before Christmas), there exists an unmistakable swell and surge of optimism that washes over many things: the days of possibilities in the leap year, the points of resolution sworn to life by, and the natural high that comes along, as if it were the opening credits to a popular sitcom. Funneling all this energy is most opportune this time, especially when it comes to, of all things considered, fitness.

Ranking high among many a new year, new me list is a promise to make good on working out. Whether it be finally enlisting for a gym membership, trying out that hot new fitness trend you saw on Instagram, or leveling up your already consistent practice, laying a firm claim to this pledge is pretty much standard at this point. And just like clockwork, people have flocked to many gyms, hoping that this first foray to a sweat session will become a lifestyle to last well into the year—and not just to lose a few pounds after the well-deserved holiday binge.

However, if you find yourself struggling to jot down earnest New Year’s Resolutions or will yourself to get with a program, we took the liberty of consulting with men filed under hashtag-fitness goals. Not just limiting our conversations to what they intend to do in the next year, we also ask them what important lesson they’ve learned in fitness over the last decade that they intend to take moving forward. From coaches and instructors to creatives, we slice through many facets of society to give you the full view of a fitness journey that is unique and distinct to each of them, which hopefully serves as a compass as you navigate the path to your best self yet.

Hideo Muraoka (Model, Photographer, Yoga Teacher, OCR Coach, Movement Practitioner)

@hideo_official on Instagram

My most important fitness lesson is: My body is the only place I have to live in. So, I should take good care of it. Also, in the last decade I learned that flexibility and mobility is your best friend as you age.

In the next year, my workout resolution is to increase my energy level, because if I am more energetic, I can be more productive and active. I also want to focus on competing in jiu jitsu and to keep doing yoga and function training. Finally, I want to improve strength, flexibility, and speed.

Miko Carreon (Architect, Cycling Instructor)

@mikocarreon on Instagram

The most important fitness lesson I’ve learned from the past decade is to stay committed to what you do and do it  at your 100%. Passion and drive will come a long way, because at the end of the day, you’re not doing this for anyone else but yourself. Along the process of my fitness and health journey, I learned to realize how important it is to give to attention to self-worth and self-love.

My resolution for 2020 is to use fitness as a platform to inspire a wider audience and to be the best versions of themselves, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Vince Velasco (Host, Instructor at Flyweight and Bare Manila)

@vincevelasco23 on Instagram

Find what works for you and find the right balance. Know when to train hard, know when to take breaks, and listen to your body.

My workout resolution for 2020 is to focus more on having goals. Whether being healthier, trying different fun events, or breaking personal bests.

Jason Dy (Singer)
@jasondy on Instagram

The most important lesson that I learned in the last decade is that consistency is key. Whether it’s nutrition or exercise, you always have to be consistent. Results don’t come overnight, so make sure to pick a fitness plan that’s right for you and commit to it.

This year I plan to make things more interesting with my workout by trying new things. That may be joining a spin class or CrossFit. I want to see what other things I could do and where else my fitness journey can take me.

Raymond Bagatsing (Actor, Yoga Instructor, Martial Artist)

@raymondbagatsing on Instagram

My most important fitness lesson as of late is trying to push your carb intake to much later in the day. Whilst you’re cutting back on the carbs, your fat intake should be higher. If you do take carbs earlier in your day, make sure you use them soon after by ways of burning calories. Also, diet is 80 % of your fitness journey.

This year, my workout resolutions are to listen to your body well, to keep workout and recovery in balance (one can workout everyday as long as you rest other), to enjoy weekly treats, and to change-up your workout in order to avoid monotony or boredom.

Alex Diaz (Actor, Creative)

@alexandermcdizz on Instagram

My most important revelation about fitness this 2019 is that it’s OK to fall off the wagon, as long as you understand that nothing in life is forever. You will have rises and falls, and it will show in your appearance. The goal is not to be as we are on the magazines—that’s not real. That’s a team, a village of people behind that body in order to create an unrealistic image on social media, because sex sells. Your body is meant to function. So, enjoy everything in moderation, and respect the rises and falls of your fitness. Take that week off and eat what you want then, work harder for the next three weeks, and base your happiness on the knowledge that you’re doing what’s right for your body and your mind while preserving and maximizing your life. Oh, and a protein shake is not a meal.

My workout resolution this year is to learn to cook healthier, more delicious and nutritious meal options for myself.

Richard Juan (Actor, Model, Host)

Consistency is key! Slowly make it a lifestyle instead in order to reach and maintain your targets.

For my workout resolutions, I know I’ll be doing taping this first quarter, which is why I will have less time to workout and rest for the body. With that in mind, I will still squeeze in those 30-minute home workouts to make sure the heart gets the daily pump.

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