Find Out Which Local Lifestyle Brand Has Teamed Up With New Balance

The secret’s out: Making a move up into the big leagues of streetwear, Globe 0917 Lifestyle unveils its prized collaboration with global athletic and footwear brand, New Balance.

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The first time we heard about the hush-hushed developments of this collaboration from the local and global front, jaws immediately gravitated towards the floor, only to be picked up momentarily to mumble indecipherable ohmygods. Now, partnerships of this sorts isn’t anything new. But with one that includes an umbrella of media and lifestyle convergence? Now, that has got to be a first.

Following successful outings with original designs such as Bloc Parade, Pop Art, and Galactic Pop, as well as collections in partnership with Netflix’s Stranger Things, Mickey & Minnie, Star Wars, and Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, it is safe to say that 0917 Lifestyle has a pretty firm grip on the pulse of the modern-day, tech-obsessed generation. This time, the brand unveils its next move with New Balance, introducing a collection that merges the codes of two worlds into one seamless and vibrant whole.

Aptly called The Next Move (of course), the fall collection is set to make you stand out in its selection of caps, color-blocked jackets, statement athleisure shirts, socks and naturally, a unique stamp on the classic New Balance 574. Longtime fans of both brands will find distinct details of each in the beloved sneakers (that we probably at least own a pair of), with an enduring base of suede and mesh in depths of gray, and a splash of the 0917 insignia laces, which are both exclusive to 0917 Lifestyle. Signature to New Balance, durability, flexibility, support and balance are all ensured, making this a true merging of comfort and style.

“The Next Move is the shared story of 0917 Lifestyle and New Balance,” reveals Leah de Guzman, Globe Lifestyle Head of the collab. “We wanted to create pieces that would run alongside people’s goals and passions. We’re so thrilled to have partnered with the iconic sneaker brand to create such a standout collection that features one of their classic models.” True enough, it is a meeting of fashion and function that Millennials (and Millennials at heart) will take a natural liking to.With its keen understanding of the wants and needs of the contemporary society, Globe 0917 Lifestyle’s The Next Move is an ease into the path shared by many, a veritable step into the right direction of many a similar mind and taste.

Don’t just sit there, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at this collection. Cop this exclusive drop on the Globe Online Shop and in select Globe Stores.

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