First and Foremost

We all have “firsts” that we will always remember, and these men shared theirs.

The first time you attained something marks the path for a continuous uphill journey leading to more adventures—it can be something material, an experience, or an achievement you haven’t had before. To commemorate these significant turning points, we’ve rounded up several MEGA Millennials Ball attendees who are renowned in their respective fields to share their most memorable “firsts”.

Franco Daza, currently a Business Development Associate, landed his first corporate job at TV100. Upon achieving this, he expressed that he wanted to have a deeper understanding about how businesses work so he can set forth and build his own. Coming from a family working in the food industry, he wants to follow their footsteps and make his next “first” a new restaurant.

MEGA Man’s Associate Editor, Angelo de Cartagena, shared that his most memorable “first” roots back to his job—the first time he saw his name published in a magazine and the first time it became a byline under the masthead. As for his next “first,” he said, “The bigger goal now is to write a book before turning 30. What will it be about? Your guess is as good as mine.”

Lifestyle Asia’s Content Editor, Chino Hernandez, has been with the magazine for 3 years now. He got the job straight out of college and has climbed his way to the top, gaining confidence to pursue his other endeavors along the way. After several years in the publishing industry, he’s ready to take his first step in the business world.

Whether your unforgettable “first” was something you’ve worked hard for, or something unexpected that turned into a pleasant memory, these stories of “firsts” hit home in the hearts of every Filipino. Take pride in your “firsts” for they are the catalyst to your growth, so set out and take the journey.