Finally, The First Ever Men’s Fragrances From Louis Vuitton Is Here

You are in for an adventure, or multiple ones, in fact—or so Louis Vuitton promises with the much-awaited release of its first-ever line of men’s fragrances. Taking inspiration from the many paths a man takes in his lifetime, this outing is a memorable first that will linger as a lasting classic.

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Try as you may, you will never forget any of your firsts. Whether it be a first in romance, in fear, in dreams, or in adventure, these memories stick with you for a lifetime, peeking every so often when it is dislodged from the back-burner of your mind when it is triggered by a catalyst of sorts. More often than not, this stimulus is intangible but searing, much like the scent that you spray on first thing in the morning, or the fragrance you pick up as you walk along your day-to-day. Taking this into account, luxury house Louis Vuitton has crafted yet another first for the brand—a dedicated men’s fragrance collection that is set to become a classic, even by their most stringent codes.

Dissecting the concept of an adventure into different unknowns, Louis Vuitton and its Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, revs into the heart of the man’s instincts, as well as the freedom that settles at the very core. An innovation as it is an unprecedented exploration, Louis Vuitton proudly unveils five exceptional fragrances that pay homage to the modern-day adventurer and his quest for self-realization and actualization.

Kick-starting the journey of a lifetime is the L’Immensité, a sharp-cutting, burst of freshness at the first spritz that guides you immediately to a world of possibilities and liberties. As if forcing your arms open, the thrill of the scent makes you embrace its juxtaposing mix of bitter grapefruit and warm ginger, labdanum and intoxicating abroxan. A veritable draw of breath, this fragrance settles on the skin nicely with a settle of sage and rosemary, setting you up nicely for your day ahead, of course.

Rich, intense and characteristically sensual, the Nouveau Monde is that unexpected dash of daring from the line. Delicate as it to the touch, the finely blended scent is heavily hyped as like the experience of consuming chocolate. Created with an evening in Guatemala in mind, the fragrance is construct of contrasts—an overriding oriental accord enveloped by a natural cocoa resinold and oud assam. As these two ends coalesce into a distinct sense, a shocking slash of spicy saffron pokes through, introducing a pulse of energy that is set to turn heads at a whiff.

Like the shocking whipping of thunder on a stormy night, the Orage is both magical and menacing—and we mean that as a compliment of the highest order. A resonating concentrate, the heady mix is concise with just about a dozen or so ingredients that make up the searing scent. Distinctively woody, musky and brazenly raw, the fragrance counts patchouli, orange, and bergamot as key olfactory perpetrators, delivering a product that is regal yet gentle, warm like a cuddle, ever so inviting at every second it dries down with your body’s natural chemistry.

Anchoring the Louis Vuitton men’s fragrance collection, the Sur La Route is a well-composed scent that feels like an exhilarating rush of wind as you poke it out on a speed-through along the open road. Misting you with a spray of fresh notes such as Calabrian citrus and lemon, which are duly accorded with hits of cedar, bergamot and splashes of raw, green accents from freshly cut grass. Adding depth to the Sur La Route is the introduction of Peruvian balsam, a healing balsamic note that is deliciously delicate to the blend.

A sharp turn for the unforeseen, the Au Hasard is the risk-taker of the bunch. Plunging into the depths of cloaked mystery, the fragrance lures you in with an exceptional concoction of sandalwood, amberette, cardamom. Strikingly confident in its subversion of sensitivity, the deeply disconcerting is not intimidating at all. In fact, it is a highly inviting scent that allows you to come in closer, lingering more, where you discover more nuances than the first interface.

The first Louis Vuitton Men’s Fragrance collection is now available at Greenbelt 4. 

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