Get Ballin’ With Battle Force Manila

More than just passion for the game, Battle Force Manila encourages and inspires with a month-long season of activities in sports, dance, rap, and art that will take your love for basketball to greater heights.

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Here’s an obvious fact: There isn’t a more popular display of athletics in the Philippines than through basketball. With anything from a concrete court at practically every turn to a make-shift rings hung at random side-streets, the sport is practically coursing through the veins of every Filipino. On a more legit and grander scale, basketball has occupied key paradigms of society such as malt drink little leagues, collegiate associations, inter-city skirmishes and of course, the big-ticket championship games that render the nation still at every clutch game.

More than its popularity, however, basketball has made men out of boys, shaping them into skilled, passionate and strong-willed individuals on and off the court. And as it has arguably defined many generations, it has also bled into a cultural consciousness, branching out into interests and facets that are offshoots of the sport such as dance, rap, and art. (Have you seen a kid with no shoes trick out or all-star teams duke it out in dance-off? Only in the Philippines, yo.)

Inspired by this natural progression, Nike shines a light on the Filipino’s undeterred passion for basketball with Battle Force Manila. A platform to manifest the love for basketball, dance, rap, and art, the series of activities lined up by the brand is an of ultimate expression of the sport, as well as an opportunity to showcase hard work, competition, creativity and a sense of community.

Headlining this grand coming-together in the name of the sport, Nike has enlisted several personalities to inspire people and to naturally encourage inner potential to shine through. With Katrina Guytingco and Thirdy Ravena (basketball), Gab Valenciano and AC Lalata (dance), Loonie (rap), and Kayo Casio (art), participants of Battle Force Manila will be revved up through a series of videos that will help motivate and refine their talent for the said battle. Further along, the battles will showcase their efforts in a grand culmination in their respective fields where eventually, champions will emerge. 

Aside from the categorical head-to-heads, Battle Force Manila is set to highlight the iconic 35-year old Air Force 1, where Nike has commissioned Blank Canvas collective to showcase their interpretations of the sport through re-imagined iterations of the iconic pair. Meanwhile, there is also a greater focus on women this year, with training programs and activities rolled out to unleash and level up their love for the game to greater heights. “With Battle Force Manila, Nike celebrates how the game has influenced the culture and lifestyle of athletes, artists, dancers and musicians; on and off the court,” expains Jino Ferrer, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines. “With the talent and influence of local iconic personalities, the re-imagining of the Air Force 1 alongside our call-out for a stronger participation of women this season, we aim to invoke self-expression while pushing boundaries of ambition and creativity.”

It is high time to take the love and life of the sport and celebrate it beyond the rigors of strict competition. With Battle Force Manila, you not only get a chance to play for the thrill of it, you get to push its boundaries further. Now, isn’t that a worthy way to high five the game that has given us so much more than just shots, dunks and cross-court adventures?

For more information on the month-long season of Battle Force Manila and how to register, visit Nike Manila’s website

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