Here’s How You Can Get Exclusive Discounts When Shopping

When you add a premium brand and an exclusive discount to it, what do you get? The best time to shop til you drop. 

With summer finally here, we’re already feeling the heat telling us to keep our jackets in the closet. So as we refresh our wardrobe with a new do and attitude, it’s time to bring out our cards—be careful not to max it though. How? Get exclusive discounts when shopping.

This summer, Anthem Group—the global group behind some of the world’s premier lifestyle brands— introduces its newest VIP Card. You can shop ‘til you drop from all of the men’s go-to boutiques. From the Original Penguin, Thomas Sabo, Ben Sherman, Nomination, to Perry Ellis, you’ll get exclusive access to all of the global purveyors of men’s style. 

Here's How You Can Get Exclusive Discounts When Shopping | MEGAMAN

Get 10 percent off on all regular-priced items at the Original Penguin, Perry Ellis, Nomination, and Ben Sherman. Then to complete your look with footwear and accessories, you’ll get 15 percent off only at the Original Penguin.

Since summer is all about standing out, bring that extra glitter to every ensemble with accessories from Thomas Sabo. Enjoy 15 percent off on all regular priced items throughout the year, while a 20 percent discount on your birthday month. 

Here's How You Can Get Exclusive Discounts When Shopping | MEGAMAN

Although, what really makes the Anthem VIP Card better is that it also gives you more power with every purchase. You can gain an additional 10 percent off during the season sale on select items. And unlike other VIP cards, the Anthem VIP Card provides cardholders lifetime membership. It also offers an all-access pass to special seasonal gifts, special VIP discounts, and exclusive sales and promos.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to get this exclusive card. To become a member, simply collect receipts worth Php 30,000 (within one year) from any Anthem Group brand. What are you waiting for? Go and start refreshing your wardrobe!

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