Get Your Game On With Pieces Inspired By Mega Man (The 8-Bit Wonder, Not Us)

Addressing a long-standing confusion since the inception of our brand, we confront Mega Man, the 8-bit Capcom character by taking its predominant vivid color and turning it into wearable future-ready fashion that you will want to rock—stat.

It has happened before. You type out Mega Man—the title, hopefully—and come up with Google hits linking you to Mega Man—the 8-bit video game from the rocking 80s. While we are not against the digital confusion, after all, it does have an enviable number of years ahead of us, we thought of throwing our own spin to the gaming phenomenon. Naturally, we took to what we know best—fashion.

Blue neoprene top by JANDRA BABIERA, white turtleneck top by H&M and blue helmet by RXR at LAZADA

While the rest of us aren’t exactly one-time lab assistants who can volunteer to be a crime-fighting blue bomber to defend the world from violent robotic threats, we can at least take inspiration from one of the video game realm’s most memorable protagonists. Skip the spandex and high-precision form of metal and embody Mega Man with a bold color choice against a neutral shade that brings out a vivid contrast between two tones.

White turtleneck top by H&M and blue helmet by RXR at LAZADA

Shaking up the8-bit realm since 1987, Mega Man continues to persist in the contemporary plane as it celebrates its 30th anniversary with even more rocking, rolling and a full blast of a good time. Cop the contemporary layering by taking a nod from the aughts and pairing varied and jarring sleeve lengths together.

White turtleneck top by H&M and blue helmet by RXR at LAZADA

In 1993, Capcom decided to redesign the character in graphics and control resulting in Mega Man X. Set in a farther future, the advanced successor has more control over his actions and feelings, making him a more realistic 16-bit entity. With growth and progress in place, mimic the shape of a formidable armor with heaps of gleam, insulation and devilish details that all make for a daring whole.

Blue mesh jacket by ELTA by RENZEL GALLETA

With a goal of achieving everlasting peace for both robots and humans, Mega Man is assured of years more of saving the world, ensuring a lasting legacy that jumps off the screens. Even without  an open-faced helmet (although that is a viable option) you can live out the ideals of Mega Man with sturdy and functional outerwear that gets a fashionable spin with exaggerated collar heights.