Get Your Jacket Game On For The Rest Of The Year Ahead

Don’t just take our word for it, take a note from Mother Nature and her ever-changing temperament, because the world’s changing climates will have you reaching for that snazzy jacket when you least expect it.

One minute the sun is up, beating down on our necks and the next, a chill grazes by. At this point, you will want to stock up on a range of trusty jackets to last you at different parts of the year. Come on, will you really wait to be totally drenched in rain before you learn the lesson of being prepared at all times?

Cream brocade jacket and trousers both by MARK TAMAYO, studded belt by BENCH and black boots by DR. MARTENS

Let’s start light and easy, shall we? Tread the season of the sun with caution and opt for outerwear that is light and breezy enough to catch good wind. This will work well in your favor, especially when the sun dips below the horizon and a familiar chill takes over. A similar color pairing on the lighter side of the spectrum will also make it more laid-back vibe. It’s summer, you will not want to look like you tried so hard.

Gray trench coat by IMMA COLARINA and flared sunglasses by MUJOSH AT EYE SOCIETY

Zippers may seem mundane and out-of-sight, but these sturdy fastenings will do wonders when dealing with weather that goes from hot to cold in a snap. Paired with fabric that is corrugated and rendered in gray, the resulting look is both industrial and space age.

White top and white flared trousers both by SOPHIA HANNAH DEL CANO

A closet staple and perfect transition piece between seasons, one should definitely take courage and wear white outdoors. The loosened silhouette is perfect for that sunshine stroll or that right amount of insulation from the eventual chance of cold.

Black mesh jacket by KALYE RIO BY RIO ESTUAR, black flared trousers by DENNIS LUSTICO, black garrison belt by CHRIS DIAZ, black aviator flap hat by BENCH and black boots by DR. MARTENS

Ovoid shapes and exaggerated sleeve details will take you to the future faster than you can say, “Beam me up, Scotty.” Star Trek references aside, an exploration of proportions and geometry is a compelling way to take your everyday black to new heights.

Bubble wrap raincoat and black turtleneck playsuit both by CAMILLE LINAO

While a distant dystopia is still far from our realities, the fashion is a more attainable fascination. This time around, our grade-school staple raincoat gets a genius upgrade with the use of protective bubble wrap. Stylish, functional and ridiculously bad-ass, the rain has nothing on this look.

Photography MARK NICDAO
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