Herschel Introduces A Travel Essential We Never Thought We Needed

Traveling can be so much of a hassle. There’s so much to plan and pack, and probably even carry. Even with a thorough plan ahead, you still tend to forget so many different things that completely ruin the trip. One of the many things people forget while traveling is a charger. That one small item changes one whole trip and as much as we use it, people still tend to forget to bring it. But Herschel changes the whole traveling game right before our eyes.

Trade Luggage Power

Herschel has always been ahead of us. Living in 3018 it seems, the brand has been making adventures more convenient for its consumers. Not only do we get travel essentials in one set, but the brand now also offers one of the most brilliant inventions for travelers. The Trade Luggage Power is a hard-shelled luggage that can charge your devices.

Trade Carry On

It contains an internal battery you can use for standalone use and an external USB-A port for your mobile device. Available in carry-on and small sizing, this luggage is acceptable in most airlines. The luggage is also available in sleek black-on-black, and bold white/vermillion orange colorways. Secure and organized simply isn’t enough anymore. It just has to be stylish and mechanized.

The luggage is only a part of the many new pieces to look forward to for Herschel’s Fall ’18 collection. Check out more of the collection below:

Little America Arrowwood
Nova Flight Satin Black
Settlement Arrowwood
Fifteen Flight Satin Black
Amenity Kit

The Fall 2018 collection is available at Herschel stores nationwide.
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