Homegrown: Local Streetwear Brands Outside Manila That Should Be On Your Radar

The rise of local streetwear reigns even more supreme as we discover labels and brands off the radar and right smack in the middle of authentic scenes beyond Manila.

The local streetwear scene in the Philippines is continuously growing as more and more Filipinos are getting into it, a good indication that many are investing in buying and supporting locally made streetwear products. Sure, a considerable chunk are still choosing international streetwear brands like Supreme, Off-White, BAPE, and Palace to name a few, but it is also evident that the support towards homegrown brands is increasing year in and year out, which is nice because these local brands truly deserve support and limelight.

The assumption that local hustlers can only be found in Manila is wrong. Where no one holds supremacy over it, it is in fact scattered around the archipelago. To shed some light on the landscape of the local streetwear scene; here’s a list focused on local streetwear brands outside Manila that should be on your radar.  


Instagram: @strapcebu

For a Cebu-based skate-centric brand, Strap keeps its pieces clean with its logo-driven designs, which is part of the brand’s appeal–and yet they still have their unique artistic imprint towards their much more graphic pieces. What’s interesting with their pieces, which varies from shirts to jackets to even pants echo the streets and screams skateboarding. Run by a skater and you’ll realize how Strap has always been true to its roots with its continuous support for the local skate scene down south.

Can’t Ctrl

Facebook: Can’t Ctrl

Hailing from Laguna, Can’t Control associates itself with the hip-hop and graffiti community. This streetwear brand sure knows how to start a fire with their eye popping-style, anti-establishment themed pieces. Can’t Ctrl is not just a brand, but also a movement that supports the hip-hop community in Laguna by putting up events.

Thank You

Instagram: @thankyouph

Thank You started as a physical store for local streetwear labels in Bulacan before innovating itself to be a brand. What’s interesting about this brand is their unique sense and approach towards their designs to reflect the brand’s message, which is to be thankful. Each release they make will give you a unique perspective on how to be thankful and say, “Thank You.”


Instagram: @reveretherisen

Straight from Davao is Revere, a brand that is not afraid to speak up. What is unique about this brand is the way they turn their messages and commentaries towards certain issues into punchy graphics. Moreover, this brand isn’t afraid to veer away from its metal roots to explore and infuse other elements with their pieces.


Instagram: @enimalworldwild

Unleash your wild side with Enimal, another Laguna-based brand that is essential if you’re into colors and patterns. Enimal is one of the best go-to local streetwear brands if you want your wardrobe to have graphic pieces as the brand truly encapsulates being bold and adventurous.


Instagram: @deadways

Another streetwear brand from the Queen City of the South is Deadways. The brand became another creative outlet for Franz Deadways in 2013 for designs that won’t fit his other brand, Product of Uranus. What’s interesting with Deadways is the way they translate bold and provocative ideas into eye-catching products. Straightforward and brutally honest, Deadways is truly for the people with a bold attitude.

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