How to Selfie Your Way to Ultimate Bro-dom (A.K.A How to Brag without Bragging)

A guide to becoming the ultimate bro with the use of the selfie.

Because of social media, selfies have become an integral part of the mundane. From a simple lunch out with officemates to a life-changing event, no moment escapes the selfie (and all its incarnates—we-fie, group-fie, etc.). And, it’s with the selfie that you can increase your bro-points by taking your life to the next level by capturing every milestone in sharper, more vivid photos.

To start creating your online bro portfolio, consider the number of pixels of the front camera of your smartphone. Cameras with a higher number of megapixels prevent noise in a photo. The Vivo11 is equipped with a 25-megapixel front camera sensor that is paired with a f/2.0 aperture, which allows enough light to reach the image sensor and produce brighter and detailed photos. With Vivo V11’s 25MP front camera and f/2.0 aperture, selfie lovers can enjoy crisper photos.

The Vivo V11 allows users to take selfies worth keeping.


As the selfie game goes, no moment is spared from social media. Take the ever-popular banyo selfie with the V11’s front camera that is amplified with artificial intelligence features to make selfies even more naturally beautiful. The AI Face Shaping technology in the V11 is an AI face-modelling algorithm that allows users to enhance the structure of their face while taking a selfie. The Vivo V11 does this by analyzing 2D images and recreate a 3D model to improve to beautify a selfie naturally.

Enhance your features with Vivo V11’s AI Shaping technology.


Take a selfie (or is it a we-fie?) with your new car in the parking lot before you head out for the night. The Vivo V11 also has an improved AI Selfie Lighting feature that offers more lighting effects as the algorithms understand how the user’s face interacts with light. Aside from effects like the Natural Light, the Studio Light, the Stereo Light, and the Monochrome Background, the Vivo V11 also has two additional lighting effects: Loop Light and Rainbow Light. These allow Vivo V11 users to add another dimension to selfies.

Take that winning shot even under low lighting.


As most relationships go, it’s the girl who posts much about your dates and daily life together. Flatter her to no end and post a we-fie with her that’s fun and share-able! The AR Stickers allows selfie lovers to show a fun side of themselves with virtual accessories and unique too-cute-to-resist add-ons that make any photo stand out.

Show a quirkier side to your romance with V11’s AR Stickers.


You’ve put in the work and now it’s time to share! The AI Face Beauty in the Vivo V11 is more enhanced to buff the skin and improve the skin tone to make it smoother and clearer no matter its condition. The AI Face Beauty also make the face thinner and hide those double chins. It also allows users to perk up their eyes and make them look more awake. These make the Vivo V11 the perfect companion while on the go to ensure users look their best in selfies every single time.

Show off your buff bod with Vivo V11’s AI Shaping technology.

The rise of the curated online life has made the selfie even more significant. To tell the story of your life, not a day goes by without you taking a selfie to mark the moment. Vivo has been an industry leader in developing selfie camera as it understands the value of a clearer selfie in this age of Facebook and Instagram. The Vivo V11, with its features that address the common problems of grainy, dark, and lackluster selfies and AI technology that adds flair to these photos, will truly make your selfies a standout—taking you from being just “that guy” to “certified bro.”

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