How YouTube sensation and New PH Awardee Wil Dasovich found his place and fame through the hidden places of the Philippines.

More than being a camera-lugging shutterbug, Wil Dasovich’s passion for sharing stories of his adventures, food crawls, and even his personal life through his YouTube channel is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and is why he’s rightfully celebrated as this year’s New PH Awardee for Social Media.

Fresh out of college and in search of his so-called corner of the world, Wil Dasovich sought adventures in Southeast Asia, which included the Philippines where he traces his roots in, and shared his journey with everyone online. More than his videos gaining a good kind of notoriety online, this foray into vlogging and doing YouTube as a career became a reality once he found an understanding audience in the country. “The goal was always more than just getting the numbers or making things go viral online. From the beginning, I’ve always wanted to show more, do more with my vlogging, and that is to inspire and affect a sort of change with my viewers.”


San Miguel Pale Pilsen salutes you.