If Driving A McLaren Is A Little Too Out Of Reach, This Design Collab Is That Next Best Thing To Make You Race Into 2020

Grounded in a unique and mutual language of design and innovation, Tumi and McLaren come together for a striking partnership  that is definitely making our hearts race.

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Start your engines, gentlemen, and push the pedal to the metal, because while we are barely crossing the finish line of this year, an anticipated design collaboration tease zooms from behind. Born and raised on the tracks, British automotive company and world-famous racing team, McLaren speeds into the new year by striking a partnership with Tumi, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand.

Whether it raced to your consciousness through a lifelong affinity with cars or through appearances in films such as Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Transformers, and even on The Simpsons, the sleek and sexy speed demon holds a special place in pop culture. Having seen many voyages in its lifetime, it only makes sense for Tumi to take inspiration from McLaren, as it trains its focus on optimizing these expeditions to as close to perfection as it can attain. Built on innovation, functionality, and durability, Tumi intends to elicit an ease with its uncomplicated but nonetheless functional design. “McLaren supercar owners the world-over value the experience of travel with a clear emphasis on performance, luxury and style,” says Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Automotive. “We see that echoed by TUMI who, like McLaren, pursue a like-minded focus on the innovative use of lightweight materials and optimised performance all brought together by a holistic design-led approach.” With a shared goal to elevate a life on the move, Tumi and McLaren come together to release a collection that is ultimately unparalleled in quality, technically innovative, and excellent in design.

Harnessing a mutual design language, this organic collaboration will see a combination of leading and cutting-edge technology fit into each other’s brand blueprint, as seen in the initial foray of equipping the McLaren F1 Team with world-class travel essentials from Tumi. “It’s an exciting step for TUMI to venture into this collaboration with McLaren. At Tumi, we pride ourselves on truly understanding our customers, as well as having the foresight to develop products that meet their evolving travel needs,” says Rob Cooper, Tumi President. “We believe that partnering with McLaren to bring their cutting edge, lightweight technologies to a collaborative collection will support Tumi’s mission of providing high-performance solutions and innovative products that optimize the journey.”

A necessary first step into this now highly-anticipated collaboration, the Tumi and McLaren collection will eventually rev into the market sometime in late 2020, with products and sensibilities that are truly reflective of both brands. “Travel and lifestyle are central to the sport of Formula 1, so our new partnership with TUMI is perfect. Like McLaren, TUMI is constantly pursuing better in everything it does through optimisation and innovation. We’re delighted to welcome TUMI into our family of partners and to proudly represent the brand and its products around the globe,” shares McLaren Racing Chief Executive Officer, Zak Brown.

Constantly pushing the boundaries in their respective corners of the world, the Tumi and McLaren partnership is one to certainly look forward to in the coming year. With a focused vision of giving nothing but the very best, this is a journey we cannot wait to see happen, and eventually take part of. Zooming through the tracks or the streets in a covetable beast of machine that is a McLaren may be the stuff of dreams for now, and until then, we are keeping a tight grip on the wheel ready to make fast turns and zip through once this collaboration reveals itself completely soon, because trust us, we will race you it.

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