Journey To The Bahamas And Unravel Its Mystery With Lenny And Zoë Kravitz

Continuing its quest of perfecting the journey, Tumi embarks on an intimate trip with Lenny and Zoë Kravitz to their beloved Bahamas where they realize how the origins of the past is a necessary link to charting paths into the present and the great unknown that is the future.

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The biggest misconception in life is that the perfect journey need to take one away far, far away from a point of origin. While charting adventures beyond the points of comfort is part and parcel of the pilgrimage of life, one has to understand that before setting out into the great unknown, a good deal of introspection is of the essence. This necessary anchoring will be essential in keeping us rooted as we blaze through different paths moving forward.

Constantly in the pursuit of perfecting the journey, leading international travel and lifestyle brand, Tumi, once again challenges its own definitive core aspect and carves out a layer to it that is perhaps the most personal one yet.

Debuting a stunning film featuring music legend, designer, and actor, Lenny Kravitz and his daughter, actress and musician, Zoë Kravitz, Tumi joins the duo on a trip to the Bahamas, the beloved haven that houses the soul of the Kravitz family. In an effort, to connect with their roots and each other, Lenny and Zoë embarked on this intimate quest to unravel their personal truths, as well as to illustrate how the bonds that one individually creates can be further strengthened by a trip together. No other brand knows this well than Tumi, who firmly understands how in traveling, it isn’t about the destination, but rather, the invaluable moments treasured and created along the way.

“I’ve been a Tumi customer and admirer of the brand for as long as I’ve been touring,” says Lenny Kravitz. “When you’re traveling and living out of a suitcase, your luggage becomes an extension of your home—and yourself for that matter. It’s the one thing that’s always with you: on the plane, on the tour bus, in the hotel room, backstage, or on set. So, you want it to be reliable, durable, and make a statement. For me, Tumi embodies all of those qualities to the fullest. Working on the campaign was very gratifying. Not only did I get the opportunity to represent a great product, but it was a very collaborative experience as I was involved in many creative aspects of the campaign.”

On this particular excursion, Lenny and Zoë Kravitz are seen toting pieces from the Alpha 3, a remastered collection of iconic pieces featuring the signature and revolutionary Ballistic Nylon. Originally meant for military use, protecting WWII troops from shrapnel, Tumi incorporated the ultra-tough material into its luggage designs, crafting pieces that would withstand the wear and tear of a life well-traveled. 35 years since, Tumi engineers a new crop of travel companions that is innovative, functional, and even stylish, all ready to take on whatever journey you have set out for you.

“With the launch of A3, we took everything we stand for as a brand one step forward. The world of travel has changed. Technology has changed. The way we navigate just to get through security has changed. Therefore, we must change too,” says Victor Sanz, Tumi’s Creative Director. “I wanted to re-imagine the designs that have inspired a generation of travelers; to improve upon the timeless styles and incorporate the newest and best technology, offering our customers best-in-class products that will stand the test of time and inspire the next generation of travelers. Alpha 3 has been an extremely meaningful project for me, as I have overseen the collection’s design since its original inception as Alpha.” Taking into consideration the learnings it incurred over the past decade, the latest drop offers freedom from frustration, inconvenience and irritation, featuring an aesthetic that is cleaner and more refined, without losing the strength and signature it is known for.

The Alpha 3 updates include an integrated USB Power Port added to each of the carry-on sizes, dual-access entry, modernized front face with protective rails, full access front pocket for increased functionality, dual-coil security zippers, and a sleek leather rain flap on bags. An interesting add-on is the Tall 4 Wheel Duffel Packing Case, which offers top- and split-case access and features four interior shoe panels. Other pieces include the Slim Backpack, a compact backpack designed for those with a lighter load, the Slim 3-Way Brief, a sleek business offering that can be carried as a backpack or a bag, and the Expandable Tote, a highly functional easy-to-carry men’s tote. The collection will be available in Black Ballistic, Black Leather, and Anthracite with brown leather trim, as well as a seasonal pattern, Graphic Congo, which adds a pop of personality for the more daring in style.

“It’s always been a motivator for us to remember our products are what enable these travel stories to continue,” says Sanz. In this regard, it truly makes perfect sense why Lenny and Zoë Kravitz are the embodiment of the Tumi ethos. “And that’s the success really, that you pass it on to the next generation, and the next generation takes it to a place where the one before did not,” muses Lenny.

“And I love that intention rather than to further ourselves,” Zoë continues.

The next definitive steps begin from where it all began, and the sooner we let this inhibit our hearts, minds, and souls, the better the rest of our individual and collective journeys will become. With Tumi, it is always about making sure these are met and kept at a safe memory bank, ensuring that is about the moment rather than what it took to get there. That is the whole point for them, to necessitate and put an ease to these links connecting timelines that inevitably form a great deal of who we are. And really, when you sit and think about it, that is perhaps the most important point of perfecting the journey.

The Tumi A3 collection is available at Tumi Greenbelt 5, Tumi Ayala Center Cebu, Tumi Shangri-la Plaza, Tumi Solaire Resort & Casino, and Tumi Podium. The brand also has its first ever pop-up store at R2 Level, The Power Plant Mall until July 2019.

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