Keep Everything Organized With This Filipino Leather Brand

Whether you’re going to the office or flying out for a meeting, get your things organized with this Filipino leather brand.

When it comes to our daily errands, there’s a tendency that we just stuff all our things inside our bag. But the problem with that is, it will consume a lot of your time when you need to get your valuables. Now, you’ve probably heard of the adage, “time is gold”. It is cliché, but let’s all admit it—it’s true.

Regardless if you only need to pick your wallet or reach for your charger, when the inside of your bag is messy, that will be such a hassle. Knowing this daily struggle of professional men, we’ve found the perfect solution that can stylishly help you with your everyday tasks. Enter the School of Satchel.

Lukas Satchel Bag
Lukas Satchel Bag

This homegrown Filipino leather brand has been creating handcrafted real leather goods since April 2011. Having a deep understanding of the natural properties of leather, they are able to bring out the distinct qualities of the original hide. Plus, they use 100 percent full grain and top grain leather which is the two most desirable types of leather.

Filipino Leather brand School of Satchel
Dylan Everyday Carry Clutch

But more than that, what makes this leather brand the best is they promote sustainable fashion. Their tannery partner has DENR-approved processes, which means the disposal of wastes is responsibly handled. The leather they source are by-products of the meat industry. That’s why to ensure the quality of their products, School of Satchel doesn’t mass produce. They are a slow fashion brand.

Now that you know enough about the School of Satchel, we bring you top five must-haves from this local brand to help you keep everything organized. After all, regardless if you commute on public transit, on foot, or even through carpooling, a true style savant knows style comes from a place of practicality.

Lukas Satchel 2

Lukas Satchel

If you want to easily stand out with your bag, say no more. The Lukas satchel bag recently got an upgrade that stunningly channels the old school professional world. It can now fit legal sized documents, which is perfect for all on-the-go men who need to sign countless contracts. Thanks to the Lukas satchel, you can now bring your laptop, notepads, pens, and many more, without ruining your treasured documents. Also, it’s available in five colors: oxblood, midnight blue, dark brown, honey tan, and black. (Price: PHP 11,500. It comes with free notebook cover and card holder.)

Dylan Everyday Carry Clutch

Dylan Everyday Carry Clutch

Here’s a fact, us, men, don’t always like to bring bags. As much as possible, we fully utilize our front and back pockets. Although this may be, when you see a guy wearing fitted jeans and his pockets are already popping, it’s really not appealing, frankly speaking. So opt for a handy bag like this Dylan Everyday Carry Clutch that can organize your things properly. And if you’re not a fan of belt bags, this will be your best bet. (Price: PHP 4,300)

Verso Camera Bag

Verso Camera Bag

Whether our partners admit it or not, they will always find it sweet when you randomly take a photograph of her during your travels. A camera has always been our friend that marvelously captures great moments. So wherever you may be traveling abroad, this Verso Camera bag will definitely complement your DSLR. After all, it’s designed by a professional photographer. This is a special collaboration between The School of Satchel and Paul Vincent Photography. (Price: PHP 14,500)

Key Organizer from The School of Satchel

Key Organizer

We’ve seen several men putting their keys on their belt loops, and honestly speaking, it’s a gross display of arrogance. There’s no need to tell everyone that you have a car. If they think it would make them look more handsome, it’s not. Humility is the most handsome gesture a real gentleman can exhibit. So thanks to key organizers, gone are the days when everyone can hear you coming a mile away due to the jangling metals hanging on their belt loops. (Price: PHP 700)

Wire Holders from The School of Satchel

Wire Holders

Most men are tech savvy. This is why we normally see professional men bringing two to three phones, a sleek laptop for work, and if that’s not enough, a tablet as well. So if you’re one of these men, these wire holders are a must-have. Not only will it streamline your everyday carry, but this leather holder wire will keep your wires neatly tucked away in an organized fashion. (Price: PHP 150)

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