Keep time with these cool watches you must own now 

From luxury to fashion-meets-technology, these are the watches you will want to add to your growing classic collection

Whether it’s for keeping and telling time, or maybe even just to look classically cool, watches have lon been a man’s most trusted accessory. A finishing look to any style persona, watches have kept up with the times, crafting covetable pieces that run the gamut from luxury, innovative and downright cool. Whatever your primary need will be, there sure is a timepiece for you out there. The challenge really is to wind down and find the perfect match for you. Or you know, you can have it all if you want (and work hard for) it.


Attempt a retro meets future vibe by pairing your silver stainless watch with articles in classic shapes and fabrics


Known for their oversized take on chronographs, TW Steel continues to go big and bold with its latest releases


The multiple faces of the signature Philip Stein watch not only tells time at maximum precision, it also encourages being one with your inner self

By Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena
Photography by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100
Art direction by Jann Pascua
Shot on location at Space Encounters, Ortigas
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