Kings Of Content: Alex Diaz, LA Aguinaldo and David Guison School Us On How To Navigate The Digital Age

From saturated social media timelines, network of hyperlinks, and by-the-second updates, veritable purveyors of the digital age and kings of content, LA Aguinaldo, David Guison and Alex Diaz show us how to effectively get our point of communication across.

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“Do you mind if you film me climbing up?” LA Aguinaldo asks, hands stretched out with his vlogging cam firmly in place. Naturally, we obliged. Off he went to scale the yellowed building where his solo shot was framed. Was he scared? Of heights? Yes. But of the coming together of influencers at that given point of the day? He was in fact ecstatic, as we were, of course.

White canvas sneakers by CONVERSE

At that point, handheld video cameras pointing and shooting simultaneously wasn’t as overwhelming as it was when they were being wielded one boy one by the rest of the assemblage earlier. Oh, but then again, we have come to a point in our generation where live for every moment documented—especially in this digital day and age.

On the other end of the rooftop expanse overlooking the Makati skyline at near dusk, dot com mainstay, David Guison was taking panoramic and mood shots while he waited for his turn in front of the camera, while rising fitness influencer Alex Diaz was engaging his social media audience through updated Instagram Stories that tease of the afternoon’s effort.

Black tank top by BENCH and black pinstriped trousers by FOREVER 21 MEN

As clear as the bright blue sky providing a breathtaking backdrop, it became resolute that the world really does operate on a different plane these days. By-the-second updates, curated snippers and a genuine desire to share a slice of life to the rest of the world really does command the narrative of society today. And for LA Aguinaldo, David Guison and Alex Diaz, realizing this has made them them turn this shift into a lifestyle that sustains them on the daily.

Clad in relaxed monochromatic tailoring in black and gray that showed off their respective physiques, this group of young men also drive a point across: That their influence isn’t just for lip service. They are actually living and breathing their content, hoping that it lands on your screens and eventually inspires you to an effect.

Transparent raincoat by MSGM at DISTINQT, black trousers with utility belt by DBYD at DISTINQT and white canvas high-top sneakers by CONVERSE

A natural by-product of this curious form of fame, they make it very clear that real influence isn’t decided upon. It is something they all have worked hard for from the ground up. Today, we are just seeing it rise to even greater heights—so much so, this time we are not only keeping an eye, but rather listening intently at how it is done from here on out.

Now, the message of influence has come across.

Art direction JANN PASCUA
Styling and sittings editor ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA
Shoot assistant JAY ANNE AGUIRRE
Special thanks to ARTISTS & CO. MANILA
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