LA Aguinaldo and Marlön Stockinger: On The Business Of Making Things Matter

It is always a challenge to defy long-standing public perception, but for LA Aguinaldo and Marlon Stöckinger, their recent shifts in business could write new descriptors under their names in the annals of history

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Thee world as we know it is governed by nature’s abundant inevitabilities. Every morning, just as it has always been, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. On good days, we wake up to the sight of a blue sky and the scent of dew on the grass at morn. As night falls, we bask under the faint glow from a moon that has hovered over our planet for millennia.

But if past cataclysmic occurrences and the feverish recent times have taught us something, it’s that nothing in this world is quite certain. The habitual experience of waking up to a blue sky can instantly change to become a deep amber from forest fires, or a gray blanket of soot from a volcanic eruption. Seasons stay within its yearly course, but the changing human behavior has slowly shifted them into their own unruly and unpredictable nature.

However, the only inevitability today happens to be the flow of time. The length of a second does not differ based on altered physical or astronomical conditions. In fact, our daily life is anchored on the organization of time: figuring out if your breakfast sunny-side up is cooked, scheduling your next online meeting, and deciding whether you should watch a 30-minute episode or a 90-minute movie. Indeed, time flows alongside life itself–indestructible, inescapable, irreversible. But what if we can reach over to our wrists, wind back the hands of a watch, and just live differently–to just be someone else for a change.

These are the sentiments of the dashing (both in looks and on the speedway) Marlon Stöckinger, and the multi-hyphenate stylephile LA Aguinaldo–two seemingly polar opposites in terms of business and interests, but exhibit striking overlaps. In fact, their musings of living differently doesn’t pertain to a weariness from current positions and obligations, but from going beyond the expected and challenging the public’s perception of who they truly are and can be.

Nowhere To Go But North

Imagine getting bombarded with the question, “What do you really do for a living?” For LA Aguinaldo, he doesn’t have to imagine–he gets this a lot. But instead of wallowing in tears under the ghastly shadow of self-doubt, he confidently abides by his cross-industry activities. Taking a peek at LA’s vast list of accomplishments, you would see that he has done a lot in such a short span of time–modeling at a young age, walking prestigious red carpets, interviewing the brightest industry stars, being a personality in front of the camera, and creating content behind it.

If you were to assume that he is just some disgruntled Millennial, like a puzzle piece that just won’t fit, then you are mistaken. “This stigma of just being in a certain place in life, or just sticking to one thing isn’t true, because we change every day. How would you know if [a job or hobby] is not for you if you’ve never tried it? We can become bigger than the box we think we’re in,” LA affirms.

If it wasn’t obvious already, LA finds solace in the sense of control. He dictates his own path in life, and no one can tell him otherwise. This is why he has embodied a personal mantra of “finding your north,” which has become the core message of his fashion label, All Day Industries. Recalling the biblical narrative of the three Magi and the guiding star, “finding your north” is about setting a mission and seeing it through. “Our journey through life is a mark that makes us. We go through valleys, mountain tops, and even the darkest of places, but this makes us who we are. Everyone has a destination, but are you willing to start the journey,” he poses to his loyal audience.

It’s still too early to call it high noon for LA’s career as he clings on to the hope of fulfilling his wildest dreams while sticking to his north: “I feel like I’ve barely written the first chapter of my life, and I’m already excited to write the rest. But, I take life day by day. I always think about what I can accomplish today to get closer to my dreams tomorrow.” This laser-focused mindset, however, isn’t fueled by the aspirations for fame and fortune. In the streets of LA, no matter the destination, a journey filled with joy determines success. “Success is a feeling of happiness. Let’s pursue the things that make us happy. If I feel happy at the end of the day, I’m already a winner,” he mentions.

As the sun rises on the winding roads of life and fields of interests that span the busy yet fruitful world of LA, he begins by taking a deep breath, composing himself, and journaling what dreams his vivid imagination must have processed the night before. It’s a necessary activity to open up a day, because just as he tells himself and channels through his business, “In the end, what’s bigger than your dreams?”

Fine-Tuning Futures

If winding roads are concerned, Marlon Stöckinger has long established himself as a man who navigates intimidating paths. He has been a cornerstone of the local motorsport industry for two decades now–with his name still echoing like the Doppler effect in international racing affairs. His palms may have permanent indentations of a Radical car’s steering wheel curvatures. It’s second-nature at this point, and he hasn’t lost a step in the game–from being in a Formula 2 during his monumental post at Monaco, to now presenting Formula 1 for Fox Sports. However, the journey doesn’t end sitting comfortably at the driver’s seat.

“If I was just to be defined as like the best racing car driver in the Philippines, I’d be failing at life,” Marlon dictates–full stop. “My craft goes beyond just being behind the racing wheel, and that includes a lot of projects that I have been working on with Radical Cars Philippines.”

Restraining himself from divulging too much information, Marlon is on the brink of concluding a 10-month project that wholly translates talent in eSports to reality, bridging gaps for accessibility and skill development in racing. “If I can establish a legacy that allows individuals to have a platform to showcase their talent, progress them beyond, and actually fulfill their dreams, then I think that’s a legacy worth working towards. It’s a very ambitious project, but I think we have all the right pieces to have it succeed and move forward,” he shares.

Call it stubbornness, but Marlon is the kind of person that just won’t quit. In fact, he admits that finding moments of relaxation has been difficult as of late. Even if the world forced sports to take a back seat, that didn’t stop him from evolving his skill set. “It’s a nice motivating factor knowing that you can go beyond your career, evolving as a human being outside of something you’ve just been known for for the longest time, and using that same platform to instead give back or create opportunities and businesses.”

Time is constantly ticking, and Marlon is no stranger to that sound. It’s the same nerve-racking tick that ran in the heads of his teammates as he broke the lap record for a Radical SR3 during an exhibition drive. It’s the same reliable tick from his Bvlgari Aluminium watch, carrying the norm-altering and boundary-breaking spirits Marlon himself embodies in his business. After all, limits are made to be transgressed, and conventions exist only to be challenged through vision and execution in attaining a truly elevated experience. If we aspire to become an icon that transcends genres and generations, we must keep on moving forward, and while we have not yet unlocked the secrets to altering the flow of time, a piece of advice from Marlon will always ring true: “Make the days count, and not count the days.”

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