5 Lessons Every Man Should Pick Up From How I Met Your Mother

It’s been 13 years since How I Met Your Mother premiered. We have to admit, all 9 seasons were legen-wait for it-dary! From all of the heartbreaks of Ted, Marshall and Lily’s stronger than ever relationship, and Barney Stinson’s great dedication to women, every man has something to learn from this series. Here are 5 lessons every man should pick up from How I Met Your Mother:


If there’s something Barney Stinson has taught his friends well, it’s to SUIT UP! Especially when meeting women. In Barney’s case, he basically meets women every day, hence the day-by-day suits. Barney is always seen sporting classic pieces: no funky prints and cuts. Barney mostly wear black suits, sometimes blue, gray, and stripes.

According to Barney, brown shoes are for black suits, never go for bad quality fabrics, and NEVER put a phone on a belt clip. Note: even as a Casanova himself, Barney would still pick suits over a pot of gold, never growing old, and a million chicks.

2. Follow the Bro Code

Stay true to your friends by sticking to the bro code. For Barney and his unrequited friendship with Ted, the two had to follow the Bro Code so as to avoid disrespecting one another. Everyone learns a lesson from the Bro Code from the genius Barney Stinson like Article 1: Bros before hoes, Article 159: A bro always likes the new profile picture of another bro, and Article 83: Never, ever, ever ever “love” thy neighbor.

3. It’s always okay to break toxic masculinity for your Lilypad, Marshmallow.

Marshall, often times, sounded like Lily, talking and acting like her most days. He was never afraid of being cheesy for his partner because it’s simply their language. No matter how needy she gets (Remember Marshpillow in Desperation Day?)Marshall still delivers as long as it makes the love of his life happy.

4. Nothing good happens after 2 AM.

Everyone makes the stupidest mistakes when drunk: It could be texting an ex or pulling off a (not so) romantic gesture in the wee hours of the day. But sometimes, even if you’re not drunk, nothing good still happen in making a decision after 2 AM. Just like Ted in making his stupidest decision by lying and hurting Robin the first time.

5. At the end of the day, good company and good booze are all you need.

No matter how rough the day goes, and no matter how hard it is to turn around a bad situation, your good ol’ friends (and a whole lot of booze) is what you need.