Why Malibu Nights World Tour In Manila May Just Be The Best For LANY

“I’d like to come back for the rest of our lives,” LANY frontman Paul Klein told the Filipino crowd.

With their fourth concert here in the Philippines, LANY continuously proves that they are truly loved by Filipinos. Having a three-night concert run at the Mall of Asia Arena, the three-piece band was overwhelmed with the number of the attendees to their “Malibu Nights” World Tour in Manila.

While it was initially a one night concert, producers MMI Live and Live Nation added two more nights—all thanks to all the fans who asked for more. And much like the ticket selling for their first night, the additional two nights were sold out in a blink of an eye.

As the night of the concert has finally come, the arena was teemed by concert goers. From the VIP section to the top of the arena, it looked like no seat was left unoccupied. But setting that aside, when the crowd saw silhouettes of the trio walking on stage, everyone screamed because of excitement. And with that, we already knew that we were in for a really spectacular concert.

Redefining Pop Music

Being an indie-pop band, it’s really an impressive feat how they are redefining pop music now. They remarkably marry 80s radio pop and 90s R&B soul and inject it to their songs, making music for those who are both in and out of love. So maybe we may well assume that’s how their brilliant well-crafted tracks can immediately become an online hit.

In addition to that, to impeccably complement their music, their aesthetic also reflects that of a euphoric atmosphere. In fact, their set-up of the Malibu Tour in Manila had a huge rectangular LED screen spanning across to both ends of the stage. As vibrant dehazed hues popped out magnificently, it seemed so easy to let ourselves savor and indulge the authenticity of their music.

Best Night Of Our Lives

Once LANY started playing Thick and Thin from their sophomore album, everyone let loose and began singing-along with Paul Klein. He instantly amplified the crowd’s energy and brought the arena’s roof off. After a while, nostalgia filled us as they played 4Ever from their self-named album.

Later on, as we kept singing all their songs, you’ll somehow remember the main reason for their world tour. And that’s none other than to serenade their fans all over the world. But what sets their concert in Manila apart from other places was when Paul Klein told the audience “this could potentially be the best night of our lives.”

And honestly speaking, that made everyone feel so much emotions than what we were already feeling. That being said, his Filipino fans just can’t help but be moved by his sweet appreciation.

Continuing the solid night with LANY, the band played their all-time favorite hit song Super Far. As everyone were on their feet, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs, it’s no wonder why this might be the best night for LANY.

The moment LANY finally sang Malibu Nights—which is the highlight of their album—silence immediately filled the arena. The melancholic rythm paired with the starry LED background made the song pierced through our hearts. There’s really no doubt that you’ll endure the love, longing and loss in the wake of heartbreak because of that song.

After the dramatic ending of the song, LANY marvelously transitioned to an electrifying track with Thru These Tears. But more than that, the trio showed us how to close a successful concert. When LANY sang the first phrase of their hit song ILYSB, the crowd instantly went wild. Then a shower of confetti also filled the stadium. So now, it only seems like LANY will be keeping us up all night as we try to recover from such a fun-filled concert.

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