Meet The Holy Grail Of Luxury Shoe Cleaning Services

Bothered by the stains and dirt on your shoe? Then it’s high time for you to meet the holy grail of shoe cleaning that can make your kicks look good as brand new.

Let’s admit it: it’s pretty evident when you really love a specific sneaker of yours. Since you’re fond of using them, creases will show, and that’s normal—it’s inevitable. But what’s really bothersome are the stains and mud it acquired over time. While some will argue it adds character to the kicks, for some, it can make you not want to wear it anymore.

So, as we were on the lookout for the perfect solution to restore our beloved kicks, we came upon Grail Cleaning Services. It’s a professional cleaning service center that guarantees your items to look good as new. They can impressively clean, repaint, unyellow, and repair your shoes.

Now while there’s always a DIY version of cleaning your shoes, you can’t deny the fact that it’s better to let the pros handle the job to make sure your sneaker grail is in mint condition. Think of it as a well-deserved spa for your shoes.

And the process is so quick and easy. Once you arrive at any Grail branch to drop your favorite kicks, the pros would immediately evaluate your sneakers. They will meticulously check its condition—from the worn-out to the damaged parts. Then they will recommend what your shoe needs. So, it’s like Grail is also your sneaker doctor.

The services they offer vary in prices which will depend on the size and material of the shoes. There are two categories: standard and premium. Canvas, synthetic leather, and nylon shoes (such as Adidas Stan Smiths or Onitsuka sneakers) will fall under the standard category. On the other hand, nubuck, suede, cotton mesh, knit, and premium leather (such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Yeezys) fall under the premium category.

Once classified, decide on what kind of cleaning you want for your shoes. A classic clean only includes the upper and mid parts of the shoes and costs P500 (size 6.5 and below), while P700 (size 7 and above). A deep clean would cover the upper, mid, laces, and soles with stains, mud, as well as adhesives.

Take note that if it’s a standard deep clean, it’ll cost for P700 (size 6.5 and below), while P950 (size 7 and above). But if it’s a premium deep clean, it’ll cost for P1000 (size 6.5 and below, while P1450 (size 7 and above).

Now, if you believe that your treasured kicks deserve all the pampering it needs, then you better opt for the all-around premium package. It is inclusive of a premium deep clean service, an anti-bacterial freshener that removes unpleasant odors, and a protector to help add an extra layer of protection so as to prevent any water or stain marks that would last up to a year.

If you thought you’ve heard enough about Grail, you haven’t. The best thing about Grail is that they’re your knight in shining armor. If you need the shoe to be cleaned within the day because you have an important occasion to attend at night, they can make magic happen. For only an additional P300, you can get it the same day instead of waiting for the usual 3-day turnaround time. They also offer a 1-day turnaround time for an additional P200 and a 2-day turnaround time for P100.

Finally, once your sneaker grail has been cleaned and looks like it’s brand new again, you can either have it picked-up or delivered to your doorstep. Apart from shoe cleaning services, Grail can also cater to your designer bags.

Grail has branches in The Podium, One Uptown Residences, and Uptown Mall. Follow Grail on Facebook and on Instagram @grailcleaningservices, for more updates.

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