Meet The Next Generation of Stars Who Are Set To Keep Their Father’s Legacy Alive

There is nothing more a father dreams of than seeing their children set off in a world where they fulfill their great potentials. So, as the world celebrates father’s day, we come face-to-face with the next generation of stars rising to make a name for themselves, consequently keeping the legacy of their father alive.

In the world of show business, it isn’t unusual to see father-son duos dominate the silver or television screens individually or best yet, at the same time. We’ve seen sterling realizations with Will and Jayden Smith in the Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth, with Kirk, Cameron, and Michael Douglas in It Runs In The Family, and Donald and Kiefer Sutherland in Forgiven. Locally, there has been no shortage of showbiz families churning out their own veritable next-in-lines. Just look at the Gutierrez, Revilla, Padilla and De Mesa/Eigenmann clan and you’ll see that the talent, good looks and business really does run in the family. This passing of the torch is so common a practice that usually, we all just look and wait for the next heir apparent to take over the entertainment industry. After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Whether some will like to admit it or not, the son will sooner or later take after their father. Some will take to it very early on, where dad’s groom their offspring from the onset. However, there are those who bloom fairly late into the game, for noble reasons of protecting their young from the tough conditions of whatever their industries harbor. Then, when the likeness is too much to deny and the desire starts to thrive within, they soon set out and explore the path their father’s have taken to. Some take to it naturally, while others soon learn that their lives are meant beyond the klieg of the spotlight. But for whatever it’s worth, the sons will soon see and live out the world that has accorded them a life, while the fathers get to see how their child will thrive outside their looming shadow.

In this regard, we’ve rounded up four of the most dynamic rising up-and-comers, as well as fairly settled young stars dominating the scene today. More than the gene pool however, these fine men are set to prove that they have what it takes to make a name for themselves, beyond the last one appended to theirs. Collectively, they are raring and ready to hit the ground running because now more than ever, this is their time to shine.

Inigo Pascual

A quick search of the name Inigo Pascual on Google would instantly lead you to his Wikipedia
page, which labels him as an “actor, singer, dancer, endorser, model, musician, performer and a blogger.” Whether you want to consider the fact that Piolo Pascual happens to be his father, one thing is for certain: this multi-hyphenate was born to be in the spotlight. Having had grown up in the States, the 20-year-old came back home to the Philippines to find his playground, where he could freely pursue his interests. After appearing in various films and television shows, 2017’s focus for him seems to be music—not too surprising considering that he was no. 1 at the first ever Billboard Philippines Top 20 with his single, making him the first OPM artist to do so. “I still want to see myself working on my music in 10 years. I really want to pursue being a great performer,” he finishes.

Diego Loyzaga

To many, Diego Loyzaga is the splitting image of his father, actor Cesar Montano. While their
striking resemblance may be the first thing many people notice, the 22-year-old is proving to us that slowly, he is becoming recognized on his own as well. If there is one thing we can learn
from the actor and host, it is endurance; after all, he has been in the industry since he was 15.
Since then, his admirable performances has been pointed out over and over again, most recently in the 2016 Maalaala Mo Kaya episode “Pasa,” in which he portrayed a
schoolteacher. With his immense talent, there is no way to go for him but up.

Grae Fernandez

Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you—Grae Fernandez belongs to one of the most prominent
show business clans in the country. With the late Rudy Fernandez as your grandfather and
Mark Anthony Fernandez as your father, it may be daunting to enter the same industry, as
comparisons will be inevitable. The soon-to-be 16-year-old, however, seems to be doing well for his age, already accomplishing quite a number of things since he broke into the industry a few years back through a 2013 Jollibee commercial. Since then, he has acted in numerous
television shows and the 2015 film The Love Affair with Star Cinema, as well as being one of
the vocalists for Star Magic’s teen boy group Gimme 5. What is next for Grae? We’ll simply
have to wait and see.

Santino Rosales

While a path may be seen waiting for him, Santino Rosales doesn’t seem too keen on following the exact same career path as his father, household name Jericho Rosales. Despite this, the cameras can’t get enough of the teenager, who is only turning 17 later this year. While he shies away from the show business industry, what appeals more to Santino are his passions, which include football (he played varsity for his high school) and most recently, modeling. Standing at 6 feet at least, it is no surprise that he has joined the Professional Models Association in the Philippines (PMAP) this year. Since then, he has been spotted in numerous shows, including stunning the crowd at the Red Charity Gala Show for Joey Samson, showing everyone what he’s made of. “My mom used to model, so she really was the inspiration for me to get into this business,” he shares. “Both her and my dad have been guiding me to protect my image and credibility.” Without a doubt, Santino will also become a household name in his own time; this is only the beginning for him.

Grooming Donald Magbojos (Inigo), Aimee Grey (Grae), Jesus Calagay (Diego), Cats Del Rosario (Santino)