MEGA Man August 2018: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Just Watch Wil Dasovich, But Listen To What He Has To Say

A veritable trailblazer in the local vlogging landscape, Wil Dasovich charts new territories with a recalibrated focus on what matters. With a trove of life’s experiences to his name, he displays tenacity and grit to get his message across, as far of a reach as he can.

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You never quite forget your encounter with Wil Dasovich. Whether it be trawling his YouTube (or Instagram) account for all the latest kengkoy adventures or actually interfacing with him one-on-one, he reveals himself rather effectively—searing himself in your memory bank way beyond the pitfalls of the random access file.

Perhaps there lies the charm of the digital superstar, a title he winces at the mere mention of. For whatever the internet has built him up to be, he remains to be your average Joe who well, happens to tell really good stories. This is what keeps us hooked—his humor, his unique point-of-view and his undeterred tenacity to keep at it, even when the going gets tough. And tough it got. But despite whatever challenges he has had to face (more of that in the cover story a few pages from here), he manages to still smile. This time however, there is more grit and gravitas to his entire aura.

We take a little more time with him from his previous Pinoy Pride shoot for MEGA magazine’s June issue and extend an opportunity to tell his story beyond the triumph and accolades. Indulging, we set him against a lush buttery yellow backdrop where his fashion of gridlocked patterns would stand out seamlessly. The story? Let’s just say that the conversation trickled beyond the standard to for lack of a better word, illuminating. This is Wil Dasovich, internet superstar unlike you’ve ever known him before. And this could just be us, but we like this facet to him.