MEGA Man October 2018: Bailey May Takes Over The World

At this point of his young life, Bailey May has probably (and enviably) charted more miles, clocked in a clock’s worth of jetlag, and heck, has probably called many a hotel his home for transitory journeys and quick passing of time. This was likely a reality during his childhood, more so with his sharp ascent as one to watch out for on the local showbiz plane. But with the proposition of a possibility beyond what he’s ever imagined before, the young man will likely see more flickers of fleeting moments as he shapes a future that is ripe with opportunities as a member of the global pop act, Now United. 

MEGA MAN Cover Bailey May

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So, during one of his many quick trips back to the motherland, where do we put him for his first ever cover shoot for MEGA Man? Why, in a hotel, naturally. 

Taking to account an exuberance of youth (he is at this point the youngest man to front the cover of the magazine), as well as the foreseen accustoming to lodging on a limited-time basis, we crank up the playful aspect of an on-the-cusp star having the time of his life playing dress up, bouncing around and well, maybe throwing one too many immaculate white pillows around. 

MEGA Man Cover Bailey May

Gladly playing along in a mix of the season’s most coveted menswear trends, Bailey May jumped around, smouldered and yes, even immersed himself in a lukewarm tub of milk—all for a memorable shot that would mark this turning point of his life. 

The future may be uncertain for the charming performer, but with his amiable blend of gung-ho and ease, he will surely go places—and we’re talking more than just hotels here. This a global takeover we foresee. After all, he has all of the world at the palm of his hands. His future has inevitably become his now. 

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