MEGA Man Picks: 7 Best Video Games To Play During Quarantine

Can’t figure out what else to do? We rounded up the best video games to play (or try-out) during the quarantine.

They say that after this extreme enhanced community quarantine, a lot of us will either turn out to be a Masterchef-level cook, personal trainer, gardener, or interior designer. (We even made a prediction quiz about it.) But while that may seem true for others, there are those who might just turn into a professional gamer.

Due to the lockdown declared by various governments across the globe in an effort to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been spikes on video game sales, as well as online gaming log-ins. That’s all thanks to the amazing world of tech, because anyone can now buy games without the need to go to a physical store anymore.

In just a few taps on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, you already have access to thousands of video games. So, hordes of folks just keep on playing online battle games with their peers such as in Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, and Animal Crossings, if you’re looking for some pretty laid-back game to celebrate with your friends virtually.

With countless options to choose from, we asked around what video games people are currently addicted to during this time of social distancing.

Call of Duty: Mobile-Garena

“If you will browse through my gaming apps, you’ll notice that I only keep two shooting games and one of those is Call of Duty: Mobile-Garena. Since I prefer to connect with friends and attain a win with them, I go for FPS games. Also, if role-playing and puzzle games stir your impatience, Call of Duty might be the next gaming app you need to download. Let’s group in a ranked match? G?” – Alinea Hernandez, Digital Beauty and Features Writer.

Fire Emblem: Warriors

Video Games

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always been into playing fantasy war games. From the enchanting magical chants to the combat battles ala medieval times in the field, I know that I have been a war freak—in the game. So, once I heard there was a Warriors franchise of Fire Emblem on Nintendo Switch, there really wasn’t any hesitation to buy it. Plus, it has a bonus: it’s multi-player.

Since Fire Emblem: Warriors is a hack and slash RPG, it has impressive sprawling battles, complemented by the characters’ detailed skills. But what sets this game apart from the others is its use of teamwork and strategy. Orchestrating a multi-pronged attack, stopping enemy reinforcements, and defending hapless villagers, everything must be taken into account in lieu of curb-stomping swarms of enemies with just a single hero.

Overall, this RPG impeccably married two series. And by doing so, it created a game that has this energetic kind of fun, making you just want to keep on mashing the buttons.” – Daniel Reyes, Digital Fashion Writer.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Video Games

I love playing Mobile Legends because I love the fantasy aspect of it. The character skins are intricately done as well as the overall graphics of the game. But the best part about it is getting to play with my friends and formulate strategies on how we’ll win, which is easily achieved by using a microphone for communication. Plus, we laugh and make jokes a lot especially when we don’t win. – Jeb Fronda, Fashion Editor.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2k series has been my favorite sports game of all-time. With the release of NBA 2k20 last year, I love how the series evolves when it comes to solo players. I can play my career mode, wherein I have my own character set as an NBA draft prospect or even play association mode where you get to play as a general manager of a team. But I think the best part is I can also play it online with my friends.” – Floyd Jhocson, Studio Photographer of Studio100.

Adorable Home

“Adorable Home is a simulation game that lets you live out your domestic dreams. It starts with moving into a new home with your partner, which you can customize to suit your preferred gender and name, and an adorable cat named Snow. It also lets you achieve creative freedom by buying your furniture and decorating your home.

You can simply rank up by adopting more cats and taking care of them, they give you ‘love’ in exchange, which you can use to buy furniture and food. Being able to mimic daily activities like feeding your cat and preparing meals for your partner in this way can be incredibly satisfying, especially when you may not be able to live as relaxed and simple in real life.” – Thea Martin, Editorial Associate.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

“Stressful yet oddly calming; Animal Crossing: New Horizons is basically a fantastical escapist re-do of your own life set in an abandoned Island (read: infinite design possibilities)—all done in Nintendo’s signature irresistibly cute style, no less. It also allows you to meet, play, and hang out virtually with your family and friends online, which, in this time of social distancing and community quarantine, is practically godsend.” – RJ Roque, Social Media Editor.

Design Home

“After a busy day at work, it’s always nice to destress and come home to a comfortable and beautifully curated space—especially one that you’ve meticulously handpicked and decorated all within the confines of your phone. Yep, I’m not talking about your actual home; I’m talking about Design Home.

Here, you could join challenges, style rooms, see and rate other people’s creations, and simply play to be the best interior designer you can be. Plus, you get access to real furniture staples from beloved decor brands—like West Elm, Pottery Barn, or Kathy Kuo to name a few. With this game, not only are you improving your design skills, but you’re also gaining tons of inspiration to apply in real life.” – Jann Pascua, Associate Creative Director

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