This New Skeleton Swiss Watch Should Be Your Next Investment Piece

Even with the influx of smartwatches left and right, nothing still beats a good quality Swiss watch.

Apart from the fact that it can easily add a touch of class to your dapper look, it also becomes a real investment piece. But with countless timepieces to choose from, we found a Swiss skeletonized watch to make your piece stand out.

A skeletonized watch was first invented in the 18th century. But the design was only given proper recognition after more than two centuries. Creating a fresher take on this trend that effortlessly turns heads is Swiss brand The Electricianz.

Firmly anchored in Swiss watchmaking know-how, the label is known for producing innovative timepieces with an offbeat design. It was born out of a strong desire for creativity in a traditionally conservative luxury landscape.

The Electricianz’s original designs make the watches’ inner mechanism, powered by electricity, visible. Founder and CEO Laurent Rufenacht shared that the watches’ “skeletonized face lets you see the inner workings of how [a] watch wonderfully moves.” So if you’re looking to make a statement through a timepiece that attracts the attention of anybody, here are six watches to choose from.

The Dresscode

Traditional elegance with a twist, The Dresscode is the label’s hallmark—a timeless must-have. It is the first of all Electricianz, through which the cutting-edge design that inspired all others was born. This watch subtly intertwines the true values of Swiss luxury Horlogerie. (Price: Php 20,000)

The Ammeter

Inspired from the technical warning devices, the Ammeter is made of screws highlighted by vibrant hues like yellow and red. This timepiece helps achieve a fierce, provocative, yet modern and classically urban look. (Price: Php 20,000)

The Mokaz

By using hues from the fall palette, the Mokaz’ design is able to put forth its depth and roundness enhancing the volume of the watch. With its velvety leather strap, it speaks luxury that can easily be a worn any time of the day, for any occasion. (Price: Php 20,000)

The Blackout

From the coal tones of the case to the browner shades of the face, everything about the Blackout shouts the majesty of night-time explorations. And as it channels steampunk vibes to a modern-day metropolis, the carbon-made Blackout is the perfect watch for a dashing bachelor. (Price: Php 21,000) 

The Cable Z

The Cable Z is an ode to electricity: its explosive bouquet of enmeshed and colorful cables playfully revisits the brand’s distinctive design. Electric-blue meets thunder-yellow, a festival of high-energy that puts forth its flagship hues. (Price: Php 21,000) 

The S.Now

The S.NOW stands out of the “Electric Code” collection with its bright white case and rose gold detailing. The watch hints of space exploration and summer love. It draws inspiration from science fiction, winter sports, and luxury fashion. (Price: Php 20,000) 

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